Friday, April 2, 2010

Victrix British 28mm day 2

well I managed to get a bit more done today, not sure if i will be able to hit the brushes tonight so here's the days work
Started before breakfast with the base coat of terracotta and german grey.

then i did my first coat of red and highlight of  london grey followed by sea grey

these fellas have their last grey highlight sky grey and webbings first coat of bilge three coats of yellow might add a whiter yellow as a final highlight and that was about it. will get back to them tomorrow.


  1. This gives me an idea of how you layer your cross belts to create the shadow. Thanks for showing that.

  2. Hey Galpy, have you ever thought of using Valejo Black Red or Reaper Crmson red as your base coat for the British uniform red? That is what I use... It works out really well as it does not have the brown that Terracotta has in it.

  3. I,ve just started using the Black red as my base coat for all red that i do

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