Thursday, April 1, 2010

Vrcitrix 28mm british day 1

Here we are again this time i have 23,  28mm british figures to paint in the next 4 days when i can find some time here are the first pics with what i did last night,  long way to go yet

So I've undercoated the faces then done the first highlight and a wash of ogryn skin wash
I will leave the final highlight till last


  1. You've done the hardest part - the faces - and they look very nice!

  2. I've been working off and on most of the day will post next pics soon

  3. They're looking good. Nice work on the faces. Looks like one of the bayonets broke off; easily fixed with the many spare muskets though. Dean

  4. yes broke off early in the job and i didn't even think about that so thanks will sought that out tonight