Thursday, April 22, 2010

started some 28mm french

I've been working on my 28mm painting haven't done a lot in the past but i just love it and intend on doing a lot more Eureka gave me these minatures to diplay on the blog so here are a couple of shots I'll do a post at the end on how i painted them and basing them there's a total of sixteen figures plus 1 mounted officer.
they arn't quite finished yet close but still the odd detail to go the red hasn't come out as good on this picture as it looks to the eye maybe because i took the pictures at night

really happy with the way the hair turned out on the figure below it will  be my
new style from now on


  1. How does Eureka compare to Victrix, height-wise, and also the musket/bayonet? I like that officer with the brace of pistols. Dean

  2. I'm at work i'll check when i get home i think the guns a thicker and the bayonets as well but thats not such a bad thing these figures are real nice clearly defined detail which is easy to paint, the faces arn't quite as deap in defenition which meant when i tried the same style of painting it didn't quite work as well

  3. Very nice paint work He looks a real toff!

  4. Yes I've spent the later part of the night doing another 14 faces and finally i'm happy