Thursday, September 30, 2010

28mm Austrian artillery finished and based

I've just finished the 4 guns and crew that i've been working on over ht e past week and i'm really happy with the finish produc, its amazing how brown can actually look really nice, hope you like them Reg.

for awhile there i was wondering how do you make these guns look good with yellow but in the end i paint a base coat then a dye wash then a high light and the final look is just right i think

An then here's the next batch 4 BAttalions of infantry 96 figures in all

Sunday, September 26, 2010

fun tryin to blow my kids out of the water

A box turned up on friday and it had a hundred sixty or more ships in it from the game pirates of the Barbary Coast. So today i took on my kids Justin and Nicole, My daughter she went after all the gold while my son and i gunned it out on the high seas what a fun game, I'm taking it down to the club this week to se how it goes.
here's just a few, there are heaps of these things

And this was what was left of my fleet of seven ships i took some fast runners with not a lot of firer power but boy could they move, when they were caught to the bottom i went, i did get my big guns into action and inflict a good deal of damage but just couldn't finish him off

Thursday, September 23, 2010

28mm Artizan German Panzer Lehr

I was busy painting 15mm Britons tonight and also fixed up the Austrian 28mm Artillery figures when i just decided why not just do a test figure for my up and coming adventure into 28mm WW2, I've been working on the US Paras but will soon start on the Germans this figure has no camo but the ones to follow will in some cases, this should be interesting as i have not attempted camo on 28mm before and it doesn't look the easiest but who cares because it does look good if done well, Oh and i played Craig last night fow and got completely destroy not a good look for an army that i intend on taking to comp in a month.

Not sure if i am completely happy with all the colours yet but it's my first 28mm German plenty to go with another 21 here and a large order coming from Warlord games

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

28mm Austrian artillery crew, front rank

Hi there guys , well i sat down a bit latter than normal tonight and decided to do Regs artillery crew for two of his guns, trying to work out the colour mix for the uniforms as i have never painted these fellas before, After i had finished i re read the details on colours and found i had made a couple of mistakes the hats should have yellow trim and the rope should be black and yellow. I still have two coats to do on the faces and fix the mistakes then iwill do the guns as well as start the next eight gun crew and two guns, I'm still working away at the 15mm in my lunch time and last night and they are starting to look quite nice will hopefully a couple of pictures up tomorrow after i fight Craig, a rematch of fow.

the brown has three layers and i think looks better than it does in these pictures, maybe one day i'll get a new camera

Saturday, September 18, 2010

todays work

What do you think add a few roof tiles on the floor

Well i decided to pick up the paint brush again and firstly finish the 28mm House that i started this week by putting the roof on then i decided why not start the 15mm Britons job there are 13 Chariots 97 infantry plus command figures and two bags of cav so a wee bit to do

Oh and i'm also working on syw Austrians again and i also undercvoated my 28mm Germans

28mm building update, nearly there

Well here we are again this is my first 28mm building which i started the other day still have to udercoat and paint the roof yet but i'm starting to get there, this is the first but not the last so i'll have to think of what to do next any suggestion out there

The floor tiles are cut from 400gsm card  10x10 square
the wooden2nd and 3rd  floors are balsa scored with a pencil glued onto 5mm mdf, the walls of the house are made from the same mdf which was lying around at work.
the house has been coated in a mixture of pva glue sand, polly filler and water and then brushed over the whole house, then undercoated black before painting

the door is just card board strips glued on

Thursday, September 16, 2010

front rank 28mm Austrian syw command based and finished

here's the command figures for Reg's Austrian commission that i am working on. I'm going to take a wee break from these guys and start a 15mm Britons army thats been waiting long enough,

this first one on the brown horse is Prince Charles of Lorraine

and this fella on the black horse is Baron London, I actually couldn't find a single picture for this guy so hope there's nothing to different about his uniform no doubt if there is someone out there will let me know

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

28mm Austrian 7yrs war cuirassiers finished based

So I managed to finish the basing of the Austrian Cuirassiers tonight so as soon as i have painted and added flock to the command stand bases they will all be ready to go.

I'm quite pleased with they way these guys have turned out Hopefully
they will proform well for Reg on the fields of glory

28mm building started

Well i was at work today and i just though I'm starting 28mm ww2 figures for myself but i don't have any buildings so here's a start still a long way to go, bt a great site to visit is roundwoods world I've kind of copied one of his buildings, will be interesting to see how things turn out. I think I've made this build a bit to big.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Austrian command figures finished plus more

I started and finished the Austrian command tonight will base up in the next couple of days I blacked the bases for the cav and will finish them tomorrow. Reg has said that there are more figures in the mail, which is always good for a painter. I have two artillery batteries which i have started to glue together and base the figures which i will hopefull start to undercoat depending on the weather if not it's back to the WW2 US paras.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

front rank 28mm Austrian Cuirassiers

 I started these boy's this morning at around 10am and have just finished its 9pm and my eyes have stopped focusing  so i thought i would put up pics of where i'm at so far hoping to finish them tomorrow and start the basing process tomorrow night.
still alot of work, two more coats on the face, hats to finish highlights on gloves, metal, saddle, needs gold and who knows how much more when one starts looking. 

Friday, September 10, 2010

28mm Artizan US Paras and how i paint faces

I've started some 28mm Artizan US Paras this week still a long way to go but still though you might be interested they are great figures to paint and i am looking forward to finishing them and basing them i have some German figure also, and a whole heap of bolt action metals coming

As you can see still more to do , the guy in the middle needs varnishing but since this will be my first attempt i intend to do a few older figures as a test first, as i think that being based in singles they might get knocked over a bit and need extra protection.

this is my new way of painting faces even though these pictures don't look the best the photos above show the end product, tallern flesh base then a orgyn flesh wash paint in the next layer dwarf flesh leaving very little of the base colour i then do another wash of orgyn flesh and paint the same flesh colour in again leaving a lot of the base coat this time note if the paint is to thick the faces just don't come up nice at all , i then do a very light dry brush of 75/25 elf flesh and bleach bone use very little paint, then a final highlight of the same mix do fine work on nose chin and highest part of check bone. there should be one more photo but i haven't done this part yet