Tuesday, February 2, 2010

15mm french Napoleonic army update 6 (artillery)

Well here we are again I've finally finished the artillery there were 32 horse 9 limbers 1 wagon and 52 foot
now i'm onto the infantry there's around 450 infantry of around 4 different makes. As you can see none of these figures are based. That will happen when they reach there destination.
I deciced to go for a slightly darker blue then i high lighted with two lighter shades I used prussian blue followed by intense blue then flat blue, all vallejo paints
I used vallejo russian green for the base colour on the guns and limbers follow be reflective green then lastly a dry brush of mid green, the gun barrels are games works sunshine gold  base then vallejo brass follwed by a brush of burnt umber dye to finish the metal work is games workshop bolt gun silver with about 25% black added to it                                                               


  1. Very nice, but if I may suggest some nice base work? I always find it really lifts the figures.

    I dont know how you do 15mm and you should be very proud of your work.


  2. Good looking Figures Kent,
    My buddy emigrated to Queenstown NZ around 6 years ago. I think it world terms your not so far away?

  3. I would love to base them but the client that i'm painting for likes to base his own figures, if you look back at Jan achive you will see some of my figures based cheers for the comments guys.