Wednesday, February 10, 2010

15mm scratch built buildings

Once again these are some more scratch built houses that i copied off a friend of mine he bought some buildings from overseas and i though i think i can build those myself.

they are made out of balsa covered in polly filler which gives them
a rustic look and makes them nice and tuff. I've made them so you can place figures inside the buildings.
The fences are made of match like sticks that i picked up from the two dollar shop, need to make some more.

In this two story build, you can only place figures on the top floor

these were the earliest balsa models

before i made my buildings out of balsa they were made out of foam card which is
 what this church is made out of, it's not as easy and i do like the finish of the balsa

the fences are made out of balsa once again  i just cut the stones into it then painted black then used three different greys working from the darkest to the lightest

the floor of the church is made out of old wooden space from a local printers which i scored to make floor boards, even though you can't see it here the finish is real nice.

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