Friday, February 12, 2010

How to Build 15mm La Haye Sainte from scratch part 4

Everything is built, now and it's time to apply the polly filler, this stage all depends on how you want your finished product to look smooth crisp and clean or ruff and old and lived in.
A hint is to spead the permafill dip the putty knife into a glass of water then work the filler otherwise it tends to come off the building onto the knife.

Just another view

well all that left is to spray paint it black and then start the fun part of bring the model that you have created to life.

tools used for the stage above
1 putty knife
2 small flat end knives to get into the small gaps

this is after the first spray paint rather than one heavy coat which can warp the balsa spray two lighter coats making sure you get those white bits in the roof tiles
boy she looks ugly at this stage


  1. Fantastic! What it 'poly filler'? Auto-body product or house wall-board product?

  2. P.S. She looks beautiful at this stage, if you're used to looking at black-primed terrain!

  3. Polly filler or permafill is a household ready mixed filler for interior and exterior applications, i don't know if you have it or not but it from the selleys range of products, I used it first at home to fill some cracks in a wall.