Thursday, February 4, 2010

15mm scratch built houses

This was my first attempt at 15mm builds made out of balsa wood once i had made the buildings i coated parts of them in polly filler the bricks i have cut into the balsa wood. The roof is polly filler marked with a blunt end of a knife while it was still semi soft. they seem very durable and were quite easy to build.

I intend on building a farm house and court yard to go with my Napoleonic figures and will post a step by
step of the build.

They open up so you can fit a stand of infantry in the and the court yard also fits a flames of war base

I was looking at one of my friends models that he had bought from overseas when i decided that i'd try and build them myself so here we are this is one of for buildings that i did
the fence is balsa wood that i've cut into then painted black and dry brushed different shades of grey then finished with a light brown dry brush.


  1. That house looks great. What did you use to make the windows?

    I've built several 15mm houses out of strathmore board (very thick paper) and find that 15mm scenery is relatively easy and fun to scratch build


  2. I used a pencil to indent the balsa wood then painted them in as you say quiet easy,and lots of fun when yu have the time

  3. Very nice work, and fantastic detail with the smash roof etc. It's always great to make your own stuff, the only set back is finding time to do it.I also like the fact you made made the roof removable.