Wednesday, October 31, 2012

ACW army arrives

Well the lads have finally arrived i think i have a bit of work to do but should be a fun project

Friday, October 26, 2012

28mm Great Northern Wars Russian Dragoons

 Here a few WIP shots of some Russian GNW cav that i've been working on over the past few week. As you will have seen there hasn't been much up on the site lately sorry about that i haven't done hardly any painting as my back has been playing up a bit and i've been busy with family life, as one does, but here's the first abtch of cav there are another 12 Russian and 14 Swedish still to start
 They haven't been the easiest figures to paint as they don't have a lot of detail on the still after a few layers they come out nice. I still have some detailing to do on the green dragoons horses and the odd set of hair on one or two and a few sets of buttons that i missed but all in all they are nearly done

Sunday, October 14, 2012

American civil war, it all starts

My first figures turned up the other day from Sash & Saber, I ordered 4 packets of casualties to add to the Perry figures that are hopefully in the post winging there way to me right now I spent a while working out my colours for the union infantry. I wasn't happy with the  blues i had so decided to mix my base coat 80% dark prussian blue 15% german grey 5% black which gave me a really dark blue base coat i then applied dark Prussian blue for the second coat and finally intense blue as my highlight. I might still add a 4 highlight later. for the pants i used Medium Prussian blue base coat then flat blue as my second coat haven't decided if i will do a third yet. As you can see there is still abit of work to do but they are getting there.