Monday, August 30, 2010

28mm Austrian 7yrs wars dragoons update (1)

I haven't had much of a chance to do much painting over the past couple of days and instead of painting tonight i've just got home from a 12 hr shift at work so no painting tonight. I've almost finished the skin just needs the light highlight then eyes, Also I've done the base coat of black red and dark green, I've also done the first coat on most of the horses .

still a long way to go yet but at least i've started

I also started the command figures

I've done the skin on  four command figures
but the pictures didn't come out very well so here's two

Friday, August 27, 2010

28mm front rank Austrian commission

Ok so whats next on the painting table, well I've decided to start Dr Reg's 7yw Austrians they are 28mm Front rank figures and very nice figures i must add with very good detail which makes any painters life a lot easier.
This Job contains 2 Regiments of infantry 48 figures 1 regiment of Dragoons 12 figures, 1 Regiment of Cuirassiers 12 figures , 4 guns and crew plus 4 command figures.
 So i based the Dragoons and command figures last night hoping to undercoat them tonight so i could start painting tomorrow but my wife wanted to go shopping for furniture Ching ching there goes the dollars, and then out to the movies which i enjoyed but the figures will now have to wait till tomorrow for there undercoat. My plan is to have the dragoons finished by the end of the week we will see if everything goes to plan. I will try to do a stage by stage how i paint these fellows and post it later on. If you have any questions let me know i'm always willing to help those that want to improve their skill base.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

15mm Macedonian Xystonophoroi Cavalry

I did these guys tonight, I had already started the horses earlier in the week but they still need quite a bit of work. And that finishes this commission will check the figures over tomorrow and pack them ready to send

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Macedonian 15mm Pike bock (2) finished

I finished these guys late last night all they need now is a final check over before they are packed to make sure i haven't missed anything. Tonight I'm hoping to complete the Cav so i can post before the weekend.

Even though the pictures don't really show it the Linen has a three shade layering to it

Thursday, August 19, 2010

2nd Macedonian pike block test sheilds, not quite right but getting there

doing these stars is not as easy as it looks in these shields i left a small amount of darker shade behind the middle, but think that i will make it all white, i've done a base coat of mid stone on top of the brass so the white comes out better you vcan see the edge of this colour in the picture but you can 't see it with the natural eye. The one on the left is a bit better than the one on the right.

its a shame the pictures don't show how nice the linen has come out i'm really pleased with
 So far I've done the first coat of skin, brass with wash over top and first coat of linen and first circle on sheild, so the project is progressing well, still they need a lot of work yet.

 I've also doe the first coat of skin on the cav figures and two coats of three on 3 brown and 3 grey cav also first coats on 4 other brown horses these will be different colour brown than the first four i'm doing 2 black and 1 white horse as well. I think that i am on course to finish this commission by late next week

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

15mm Macedonian pike bock(1) finished plus 28mm AWI test figure

I started work on these on Monday and 8 hours later here we are first of two pike blocks 32 figures each done, hope you like AJ and i also had time tonight to do the British AWI figure as well

well thats it for now

Sunday, August 15, 2010

AJ's Macedonian Test figure

Hi AJ here's a few shots of my test figure for the first pike block of 32 figures I've dulled down the red as you asked by using black red base red gore first highlight and a touch of blood red for the second highlight I've decided to paint the  sheilds as long as you like the look base coat bolt gun, wash devlin mud, edges with chaim mail then the star in mithril sliver then touched up agian with boltgun, skin is tallarn base then elf flesh highlight. white  has base coat Beige  germ cam the white finish .
If you want any changes let me know as i will start work on the figures tomorrow, I have already finished base coat on all 32 for the red and if your happy will do all the base coats in next two days.Email me at work.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ming DBA 15mm army based ready to go

Well Dave she's all done ready for pickup I'm really happy with the way these fellas have turned out. They look as if they might kick butt on the table.

I've base and undercoated my next commision from AJ you can find his link on the left hand side great links, And i will be starting the painting in the next day or two.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ming DBA 15mm army finished

I've just finished the DBA army tonight and it's ready to base. I've been away on holiday in the Gold coast a week in the sun but now i'm ready to get some painting done.

I started these guys just before i left and wanted to get them done so Dave can field them in an up and coming competition.

Now for a few close ups
Light cavalry

the command cav has three figures in a lighter blue

then two stands of three in a brighter blue

two stands of artillery

Foot Command

I haven't put pictures in of the light infantry the bowmen and cross bowmen
because they are on the previous listing.
next is two base and then on to AJ's Macedonians