Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ming DBA 15mm army based ready to go

Well Dave she's all done ready for pickup I'm really happy with the way these fellas have turned out. They look as if they might kick butt on the table.

I've base and undercoated my next commision from AJ you can find his link on the left hand side great links, And i will be starting the painting in the next day or two.


  1. Great looking army.
    I really like the cavalry and the artillery

  2. Nice army. I like the rockets.

    It seems that you first glue the figs on the base, then texture. What do you use, filler? Isn't it difficult to put it once the figs are glued to the base?

  3. Hi Braxen I don't glue the figures on i push them into the filler and wait till they dry. When its dry ists as hard as glue if not better if you do a search on my site for basing i explain how i do it all.

  4. Your army looks excellent.