Friday, June 29, 2018

Greek Light Cavalry Final Victrix review finished painted

Sunday, June 17, 2018

28mm Victrix Carthaginian Veterans, Citizens and war elephants

 I really like these Victrix miniatures they have such great detail
as long as you are careful with the spears everything is great even so if you
have problems with their spears they are so nice i'd cut them off drill out the hands
and bam all's good, I got myself a new camera just after Christmas and at last feel as though im getting better pictures
 these first pictures are the Veterans

below are the citizens i really liked these but man those  transfers were fun
still they look a heap better than if i had painted the shields myself

 and a few war elephants to round of once again by Victrix the transfers are by little big men.
i have a video on youtube tips & tricks to applying these to these miniatures

Greek light Cavalry by Victrix, Painting Chestnut horse and rider