Thursday, May 31, 2012

Southcon 2012

Well in about an hour i'm off to Southcon with a few friends, this will be my fifth year now and it's a great weekend away gaming buying the odd thing and selling the odd thing, when i get back i'll put up a few pictures of where i'm at with my work, oh and the stuff turned up from maelstrom games so i have final put the last touches to the aventine figures just need a nice day to take some nice pictures. Now all i'm waiting on is the figures from Gripping beast. it's been a month since the order but i hope to see them in a few weeks, then i can start work on the main body of my Carthagian army and of course work out what i forgot to order, i already realised that i have no commanders in the order and no numibian light cav and i think i might like a few numibian elephants as well. oh no already i can see the dollars disappearing in the past two months this army has cost me $1000 and rising. you've just got to smile don't you. Well have a great weekend everyone.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

28mm Aventine elephant wip update 2

 Last night i had a wee paint and nearly completed this boy and his crew tonight when i get back home i'll finish the basing below are the two lads together i also painted a small shield for the other driver

Monday, May 28, 2012

Aventine 28mm armored elephant

I started painting this yesterday and here's a picture of what i got done , i nearly finished it today and the crew are almost complete

Italian Hill tribesmen finished

 Well they are all based up, still waiting on the extra grasses and flowers but they are done, i started the last elephant today will post an update tomorrow
 really please with the transfers

Friday, May 25, 2012

28mm Italian Hill tribesmen WIP update 2

I've been working away on these this week today i gloss coated them with clear plastic spray and then dull coated them and based them ready to start work on the bases tomorrow. I'm still waiting for my different grasses and flowers to arrive from malestrom games.

 I'm really pleased with the progress so far

Thursday, May 24, 2012

28mm Aventine WIP Italian Hill tribesmen

 Here's a few pictures of where i'm at with these Italian Hill tribesmen, once again they are from Aventine Miniatures, very nice figures. I spent four hours last night finishing them off, today i intend finishing the shields with the LBM transfers and attach them.

28mm Hanoverian command & Cav

 I've been slowly working away at these guys and finished them off the other night

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Carthaginian Veterans almost finish

 Almost complete still waiting for the grass tufts to arrive and the flowers, I must remember to brush of the excess grass before taking photos, i have more of these guys finished i just didn't order enough transfers so for now these will have to do, I'm working on the Italian hill Tribes figures at the moment

 first time using LBM transfers, and i have to say i really like them and will be using them a lot more in the future

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Carthaginian Veterans WIP update 2

Well after 4 hours last night they are almost complete, i still have to finish the standard and a few wee things It took me two and a half hours to do the spears but i think it's been worth it.
So I've started the shields but have a bit to do yet

the next package arrived from Aventine today 24 Italian Hill tribesmen 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Aventine Carthaginian Veterans WIP

 Still more work to do, actually there's always something o do but i'm really pleased with these guys  so far. tonight i'm hoping to finish the white and put another coat of wood on the spears  and the second layer on the rest of the cross belts some already have a bit done and of couse the second layer on the back of the sheilds. I'm using LBM transfers for the first time on there shields so i'm hoping i get it right

 On the fella below you can see  how it will look with the second coat on the cross belt i need to do the shine on the helmet yet and all the facial hair

Friday, May 11, 2012

28mm Aventine Hellenistic Elephant & crew update 3

 I have to admit i love these Aventine miniatures they are really nice clean smooth figures, I've never painted an Elephant in 28mm before and have to say it's not that easy and i'll have to really think through a few things before i tackle the next one. I've started to base up the Aventine Carthaginian Veterans ths morning but promised my wife no painting this weekend. Oh well
 I have to finish this shield on the back I've order LBM transfers but i'll just paint this oneI think i will put  a shield on the Drivers arm
 I stole the idea of a few things that i did from Bennet's wonderful work of art on the Aventine site like the shield in the picture below of course mine isn't anywhere near as good

 Here's a shot of the pattern for Simon I've layered but not so well Bolt action metal and mithril silver

Thursday, May 10, 2012

28mm Hellenistic Aventine WIP Elephant & crew

 Lunchtime today i did a grid 5x5 and painted the first layer of sliver man it was hard to keep my hand steady, still quite a bit of work to do but i'm happy, the picture is darker than it looks i must buy a new camera or fix my good one
 I've order some LMB studio transfers for the shields
 Still one crew member missing but wel are starting to get there