Friday, July 30, 2010

Ming DBA army update 1

I've started a Ming DBA army for a friend of mine at the local club, i put a hour or two in last night, it will be over a week before i can paint again as i'm off on holiday. These arnt finished yet still a few highlights on the infantry and I've only done the first coat on the horses.

I still have to paint the front of the shields yet and highlight the silver and the black hats

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Roman Impetvz army stage 1

I've painted enough figures in the past eight days to field an army tonight at the club I must admit there are a few things i will need to add to the paint work as I'm not happy with the faces and i missed a few areas. Also i used superfix to stick the figures to the base and it effected some paint work which has turned white so these areas will need repairing. Most of the figures are based  with sand added i've not used this before but i'm after a different look the cav has the bases painted and foam and static grass added i have some of that taller grass coming which i will add some also.

you can see the white on the botto of the standard
Sorry about the blurred pictures was in to much of a hurry

I dry brushed the bases with bleached bone after this picture was taken

Monday, July 26, 2010

28mm Eastern Roman archers

well here we are again i decided to add some archers
to my Roman army that i have only just started.

Started my cavalry base coats on all eight and three coats on two

highlighting and detail to go on this boy.

Needed another six figures to finishes my first 4 bases hope to get them ready for their first game on Wedensday

Saturday, July 24, 2010

28mm romans a work in progress

Well hi there guys its been a few days since my last post had quite a bit on this week but i haven't been sitting on my butt doing nothing, well i supposed i have been sitting on my butt but I started my romans which i traded with Eric in the states. there are a lot of these boy's but you've got to start somewhere, i will be basing them for the impetzus rule set. and i am really enjoying them.I started with some foundry figures i think i have a total of 16 of these here's the first 24

then i decided a few warlord Auxillary would a nice addition

I bsed and undercoated 16 foundry eastern archers and 20 or more cav

Monday, July 19, 2010

Next job chinese 15mm DBA army

It's not to big the job but i think it should be a fun if possible i'll hopefully get it undercoated tomorrow but then i won't get a night to paint until friday. I'm painting my 28mm romans during my lunch break at the moment.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

WW1 German 28mm Cavalry finished

I started these figures yesterday and just kept on going until i had finished , i must admit it was  an epic session but i really wanted to get these boys done. See what you think, Oh I did the gold n there buttons after i saw on the photos that i had missed them.

I might do a few of my romans in the next week or start a 15mm Chinese army for Dave who knows

Friday, July 16, 2010

WW1 German 28mm Infantry finished

I started these guys by undercoating them a week a go, i've managed to get4 nights work in and i've completed the infantry last night on to the cav now, I quite enjoyed painting them even though i found ithard to get information on paint colours to use i'll put up a post later on what colours i used so others can find it easier.

I'd just like to say thanks to all those people who visited my blog it's been really cool to connect with gamers world wide and to be inspired by the painting and have the chance to imput into your hobbies, Cheers guys

I still have the guns to paint later tonight
Now as i said i'm onto the Cav 12 dragoons i should get all the horses finished today and maybe the first coat of paint on the riders themselves

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

WW1 german progress

I haven't had to much time so far this week to put paint on the old brush but things are still progressing well All the infantry except the machine gunners have there base colours and three layers of colour on their jackets today i'll do a bit of painting in my lunch time but off to the games glub for a good old battle with Craig.

This first shot is with a flash

this one without the flash

As you can see still a lot of work to do for some reason for the first time i didn't finish all the layers of skin i always do the skin first, hope this doesn't cause me problems later, might have to do it before i go to far

Monday, July 12, 2010

Teacher my son how to paint

My son has asked me to teach him how to paint. His name is Justin and he's 13 I think he found it quite hard but enjoyed himself, i think he did quite well for his first figure plenty of room for improvement but a good start. He asked me to place it on my blog and see what you guys though so here's a pic for you

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Austrian Infantry 28mm Finished & based

I based these guys last night and finished them today
tomorrow they will leave for their new owner

28mm foundry Roman test figure

I recieved a parcel in the mail early in the week from Razorone223 with quite a few roman 28mm foundry figures and i mean quite a few nearly 400 figures so i thought since i didn't have a lot to do. last night after paint all the faces of the ww1 germans and a test figure that i'd see how the romans painted up, i based and undercoated around 40 of them and did this guy last night you might notice that i haven't finished the sword and there's no sheild, firstly had no picture to go from and couldn't remember how to paint the sword and secondly I'm going to paint the shields later.

I think i might have to do a bit of research before i paint any more i don't like painting from memory without really knowing much about the period, it's not an period i've painted much before.

28mm WW1 German test figure

I started on the WW1 German infantry and cav today i based and undercoated them first thing this morning and tonight i've done one figure to see how my colours are and whether Noel is happy. I had trouble trying to get Valljeo colours that matched so hope he's alright

For some reason my camera hasn't brought the colours very well the colours are quite a bit lighter and softer than these pictures the red is much nicers but hopefully you can still see if you like Him, I might try a shot in the day light tomorrow, might show him better

Friday, July 9, 2010

28mm Austrian 7yrs wars painting finished

well i've finished painting this Battalion Reg has informed me that there is more to come. But i still have to base these guys over the weekend hopefully get some shots up on Monday. But here's a few shots hope you like them.

So whats next well here it is WW1 28mm Germans  by renegade minaturesI thought i was painting British but  a box of cav and infantry turned up instead . I've never painted ww1 early Germans so i'm not to sure of what colours to use yet if anyone out there has any suggestions . I use Valljeo and GW