Wednesday, July 7, 2010

28mm Austrian 7yrs wars update 3

I finished off the white with an extra coat on the raised areas at lunch time and then the first coat of black red then tonight i put on the first coat of red which i will add another tomorrow on the raised parts and if need be another coat after that, what i find with reds is that the more thin layers you add the brighter finish you get and by not covering totally the lower layer you get nice shading

just a couple more shots


  1. These came out great. There's something about white uniforms with colored facings that, when done right, looks just fantastic on the tabletop. These are that type of figures. Once based up this unit will be stunning.

  2. These chaps certainly look the business Galpy, have to agree with Allen the Austrians always look smart in their white uniforms and these are no exception. Pity I cant stand painting white uniforms. My syw chaps are Russians not exciting to look at but mum says the uniforms are easier to wash! Another stirling job, definitely worth two oinks.

  3. i like the white, looks very sharp.


  4. Having seen them in person all I can say that white looks fantastic and the phots don't do them justice. Great job.