Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Roman Impetvz army stage 1

I've painted enough figures in the past eight days to field an army tonight at the club I must admit there are a few things i will need to add to the paint work as I'm not happy with the faces and i missed a few areas. Also i used superfix to stick the figures to the base and it effected some paint work which has turned white so these areas will need repairing. Most of the figures are based  with sand added i've not used this before but i'm after a different look the cav has the bases painted and foam and static grass added i have some of that taller grass coming which i will add some also.

you can see the white on the botto of the standard
Sorry about the blurred pictures was in to much of a hurry

I dry brushed the bases with bleached bone after this picture was taken


  1. Very fast painting!! Nice army!! In just 8 days!!

  2. Could you tell me for what game system are you basing them?

  3. Sorry, i didn't read the post title. Impetvs...

  4. Galpy
    Good legionaries! I like your army.

  5. They look good Kent. Newly painted armies should always win (that's my excuse for last nights drubbing at the hands of those Romans!)

    I should have the silfour grass by the time you get back from holiday.

    MY A&A Sassanids arrived today so expect a very Cavalry heavy army when you return! 10x Cataphracts, medium and light Cavalry + 2 elephants! A&A are very, very nice figures!

    re: Basing
    As for bases we use my own conventions- 8cm x5 cm deep for blades and close order infantry, 8cm x 6 cm for lighter infantry warband, auxillia types & 8x 7cm for cavalry.

    Basically I double the number of figures from DBA armies lists for infantry and add one more than the DBA lists for Cavalry

    So its an adaption of 25mm DBA with 30mm depth + an extra 2cm width.

    My figures are used for (BIG BASE) DBA, Warmaster Ancients & Impetus. Although you don't quite get the same diorma effect as the 12cm Impetus bases it does allow for more forces on a 6ftx 4 ft table so is a pretty good compromise


  6. Nice, wish I could paint like that in 8 days, hmm I don't have any Romans in the stash, might have to go shopping.

  7. shoppings good I'm waiting on some Perry crusades minatures to turn up before i head off on holiday