Sunday, January 31, 2010

Xyston 15mm Thracians

Another army i said good bye to last year had a lot of fun painting these guys.

The cavalry: Id have to say I like cav i enjoy painting them and of course seeing them charge across the battle field and terrorise the enemy, oh the joy.

15mm flames of war Dioramas

I was looking through some old CD'sand came across some dioramas that i did a while back, I've been considering starting some new dioramas based around an 1809 french farm house.

the idea with this was coming under fire in the melting snow,

If only i had known back then not to use the flash when taking pictures.

Forward elements cross a brigde in Russian while russian scouts sneak under the bridge

was trying a different look with the black and white photos

I called this crossing the street under fire

Xyston 15mm Gallic warband

Once again these were part of my selling spree last year they were actually some of my favourite figures but thats me i paint i sell and start again i love xysto figures for the detail. the banner i down loaded of the net somewhere and shrunk it down th the right size then superfixed a T bar on top of the pole and there you have it a cool banner. I decided to go crazy and paint each shield slightly diferent made the job last longer but a better finish in the end

Tried to put the muscle detail in that i had been doing on the 28mm figures i had been doing at the time.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Go the spartans, xyston 15mm

I was going through some of the armies i sold last year, quiet a few really and these were some of my favourite Spartan 15mm figures by xyston really nice figures with great detail, i bought slingers and bowmen plus extra cav to go with them so they were quite a nice army I was really pleased with the way the sheilds came out

Friday, January 29, 2010

French Napoleonic 15mm painting update

Well it's been a busy week but not for the paint brush, I painted every day at lunch time at work , i've done this for around two years without a break but i only managed two nights this week thus i have only finished these thirty two horse for the artillery limbers, hopefully i will get time over the weekend to do the limbers guns and start the crew for these. Some of these figures are Old Glory but not sure of the smaller figures manufacturer or some of the horses.

15mm flames of war British

Well i read the email about the flames of war comp next month and i'm playing British not German so i've pulled out the fellas, for King and Glory and all that stuff. These figures were the last figures that i painted using emanel paints, I'm still pleased with the final look, now i just have to work out what mix of army i want and if i need to paint up the 25pdrs sitting the cupboard

The mortars are always handy

Not to many people bring Hmg's these days

a few more pics of the infantry there are 3 platoons in a ll


firefly's and shermans

anthe the good old sextons

Thursday, January 28, 2010

painting 15mm horses

Well somehow i deleted the file for painting horses so here we go again
firstly i glue the horses in card evenly spaced and then under coat with flat black spray
for painting brown horses:
picture 1 paint the horse scorched earth brown. Be carefull to leave the harness, main and saddle black care now will save you time later.
Photo 2. paint eitherBestial brown which is in this paicture or vallejo 70826 or 70871 for slightly darker horses. here we want to leave a small amount of the dark brown to show through on the neck, flanks and between the muscles.
photo 3 paint graveyard earth as first highlight if following bestial brown vallejo english uniform or 70983 for the other two use sparingly the idea here is that its not to obvious. I add the white here or in the next stage.
photo 4. i use vallejo with very small amount fine lines as second highlight on neck ,muscles and rump.
photo 5. is finished the other photos show end product with the other two vallejo colours.

hope this helps

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Flames of war German infantry & markers

Heres a couple of infantry platoons i painted up a while back, was looking through my stuff as there is a comp coming up next month

I had to through together a few objective markers for the last comp

28mm British Vitrix Napoleonics

I got a box of these last year and thought i might do a test figure, not totally happy yet might have to do a couple more.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

French Artillery 15mm

as you can see I'm on to the Artillery now I've based and spray painted ready to start work.
I base my figures on thick card then cut into singles for painting as i find this gives me all round access to the figures.