Thursday, January 21, 2010

British Napoleonic 15mm

I've been working away on my British army for a few months now and have finished 17 of 21 Battalions of 18 figure, All figures are AB figures as i've found that they are well sculptured and great to paint. The are also 3 cav and 6 guns plus command figures. Over the next week i will upload pictures of this army.

Between finishing my French and starting this army i have changed my painting style adding a few more steps but with better end results the net set of pictures have the new finish


  1. Great work, I hope to get some highlanders in my big trade coming up although they are Essex. How do Essex and AB compare?

  2. Ab have better detail and are 18mm high once you start with AB figures it's hard to stop one of my friend built a large Austrian army to fight my french but when he saw the army on the table he sold his Austrians and bought a whole new army and it looks great