Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Infinity 28mm Starter boxset finished

 Two new ones added to the crew this finishes the first starter boxset, now onto the next, at this stage i wont be doing the basing , but we will see.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Infinity 28mm figures

I started painting these guys yesterday they are for a friend, man there's a lot of detail in these figures, not the easiest on the eyes but they come up nice they still  have some detail to be added yet but these four are nearly done. I have 14 in total to do

Thursday, February 21, 2013

28mm Perry Cavalry, Generals and wagon

 This week on the painting table i had some more ACW 28mm to do, first up some Generals which needed basing and a few touch ups. then on Saturday i glued a box of cav together undercoated it and had 80 percent completed by Sunday afternoon had them done by Tuesday night and completed the basing today.

 This wagon team still has a bit of work t complete but its well on its way, still not sure whether to make it a 4 or six hose team my six horse gun limber is just to big for the gaming table . Won't see any painting this weekend as am playing fow friendly comp with 23 others 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

28mm ACW army three months in

 Well here we have it after three months of painting 67 bases of infantry 6 guns 1 six horse limber 1 horse handler the generals are being based at the moment, i do have a wagon and another few Generals and some cav to do yet

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Romans & ACW completed

 this week i decided i need to get some stuff completed so i hit my ACW and the Romans hard and here they are this is the last of my infantry only my cav to do

 this is the last 28 stands of infantry, 6 stands of cav on foot 4 battalions of 3 stands, the rest is skirmishers

Thursday, February 7, 2013

28mm ACW Black powder game two

 Well here we are once again it's time to punish those ragged southerners Dave on the right flank Stephen in the middle and Craig on the left or so we thought 
The union Generals were myself in the centre Simon on my left and new to the Game Mark on my right.
Union 13 regiments infantry 3 battery artillery
Rebs 14 regiments inf 2 batteries artillery
 We set up ready for battle lowest dice roll sets up first so six dice rolled and above is the result

 the commands all ready for the bloody battle ahead
 the Union get the first turn and lunch their assault other than Marks guns everything else refused to move same with Simon's one unit took off into the trees and the rest stayed put all of mine bar one move forward. Below is two turns in.
 Craig to everyone surprise moves his whole brigade bar one unit two the middle to support Stephen in depth but it only takes one mistake for everything to fall apart and for the rebels it was about to happen. While Stephens troops move forward piece meal Dave just refuse to move for i think three turns and same with Craig if only he had remembered that he got a free move when in march order so he doesn't get into the barn

 Mark does a mad three move dash and gets into the barn first this move will help us win the battle.
My troops are take hits but i keep cycling new troops to the front to keep them fresh
 now we have a firing line and Stephen is taking looses
the rebs are jammed up and moving nowhere
 Simon's advance into the woods suffers a few bad rolls of the dice meaning he's going no where fast but then again neither is Dave on the other side of the forest

 Dave and Simon finally get the grips with each other it will be interesting to see who gets the upper hand on our right flank

 Stephen just can't get enough  troops into combat at the same time and the blue lines of fire are just becoming to much
 Mark after about three turns of ineffective fire finally deals with Craig's holding Regiment now we have them on the ropes boys time for the final push
 My lads with Simons guns, (oh yes Stephen destroyed my guns dam them rebs) and Marks infantry destroy Stephen Brigade so Craig finally moves up, after spending the game trying to get mark out of the barn. (he's still there).
 Dave destroys one of Simon's regiments and one of mine in a final throw of the dice but fails to get low enough dice to get into combat.
 So here we are end of game with a hard fought victory for the north that's two for the boys n blue next time we move deep into the enemies camp 

 Dave on the right is holding out but would soon be under heavy pressure, we lost one gun battery and two regiments not bad, a real fun game with a awesome bunch of lads 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Carthaginian Impetuz 400 pt army

Just while i'm working on the pics for our latest acw game here's a for shot of my Carth army that is waiting for the chance to take on Craigs Gual's   It's a real mic of Italian hill tribes Carth Vets Spanish Scurttii and Libyan's  excuse my spelling.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Painting desk WIP shots ACW & Roman Aux

 Once again the ACW army has taken priority this week the picture below shows them at abot 70% done they are now at about 90% done so hopefully the next pics wil be of them finished. the lad above needs some detail on horse and rider to complete it.
 the commanders once again still need finishing off
other than the ACW i've been working away on some Roman Auxillary they need some detailing and some shield transfers to finish them off

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Shots from ACW Black powder game

 the lads had there first outing last week and acquitted themselves quite well managed to smash the confederates left flank but at the same time our left took a pounding and the centres of both sides were battered it was a fun game sadly my camera shots weren't very good so just a few shots today 

 below the centres clash

 a view of the battle field as the lines close in on each other