Thursday, February 21, 2013

28mm Perry Cavalry, Generals and wagon

 This week on the painting table i had some more ACW 28mm to do, first up some Generals which needed basing and a few touch ups. then on Saturday i glued a box of cav together undercoated it and had 80 percent completed by Sunday afternoon had them done by Tuesday night and completed the basing today.

 This wagon team still has a bit of work t complete but its well on its way, still not sure whether to make it a 4 or six hose team my six horse gun limber is just to big for the gaming table . Won't see any painting this weekend as am playing fow friendly comp with 23 others 


  1. Great work Kent, that really is a nice shade of blue.

  2. Excellent stuff Kent, your output never ceases to amaze me; started saturday and finished tuesday including trimming and assembly! Mind boggling!
    Well done.