Saturday, January 19, 2013

new ACW infantry stands completed

 Today i finished off a fresh batch of figures that i've been working on this week total of 19 stands which makes my grand total so far of 39 stands ready to do battle plus 6 guns and one limber i'm hope to get another 11 stands done by the end. i've also started my 6 commanders and a horse handler
 here's the  last box of infantry here are a few dismounted cav her as well i intend getting stuck into these this week

Friday, January 18, 2013

28mm ACW six horse limber finished

here's my next installment for my acw army, really happy with the way it has turnedd out
i'm now working on the next batch of infantry they should be ready in the next day or two

Thursday, January 17, 2013

28mm Impetus game

Craig brought his Gauls to face my Carthaginians 400pt forces or it would have been if i could count and in the end it cost me the game, It was a hard fought fun and fast flowing game 

 My forces line up ready for battle, i needed to borrow a couple of elephants from Craig as i had miss calculated my army total 
 Craigs lads are ready for some killing
 I throw double ones on my first turn so miss a turn on my left flank and become incompetent, great my right flank moves off full steam

 Craig deploys his skirmishers across the board and send out his cav down his right flank
below my right starts to go all over the place what am i doing 

 i send my slinger out to try and slow Craig down
 Craig is still holding his main forces back one block of foot has just started advancing on my right.
His skirmishes are picking away at my army trying to do as much damage before he unleashes his main forces
 go the chariots we smashed each other and Craig fell back but the next one killed me
 I don't know how many goes i had trying to kill this one guy it didn't die until the very last turn
here they come Craig tries to overwhelm my right flank the Spanish all die in the first charge and he bounces a punic cav
 come my next turn after not killing anything up to this point, i n one turn completely destroy Craigs left flank  my vets take out two stands and the cave take out two before dying taking my army under half because i had mis calculated my numbers ( my mistake)
 Craig's lads are really looking good nice painting Craig
 Craig let my play out the turn i was on after descovering i was under half. It was a great game lots of fun\its a rematch next week

Monday, January 14, 2013

28mm ACW union 6 horse limber WIP / French Finished

 Today i painted up the horses and riders for my acw limber i'll have to cut a base and get that done in the next day or two i also finished the French .
i made a bit of a botch and painted a black and greay horses as my first two horses, can i be bothered changing them?

Saturday, January 12, 2013

painting desl wip /finished

 Here are the French just before i find out that i have based them wrong so off they come and start again
the Spanish below have been sitting around half done for to long so i decided to complete them and they should be finished along with the French by tonight 
 the rebasing begins 
Now after three coats of paint the bases are ready for grass

I decided to base the rest of the Roman army up and have now base coated the lot and started painting the Armour first coat on half done. there are quite a few cav already undercoated in a box somewhere i thing i'll do them last.
I'm also working on three battalions of British syw. Decided to do them all at the same time, just want to get them done and off my table.
so with all this and my acw that i'm doing things are very busy at the moment. i head back to work Monday not sure if that means i'll get more painting or less painting done i suppose we will soon see

Friday, January 11, 2013

N gauge train layout

Something different this time while on Holiday i went to visit my Uncle Brian and Jenny, and had a great time He has always been into planes trains and everything fun fast and to do with models. In his basement he has built this wonderful layout for his trains and its really amazing hope you like the pics

 Here's picture of Uncle Brian my son Justin and Iris
All the boats and much more were scratch built

 this is the latest addition, one of the amazing things about this layout is there is as much going on under the table as there is on top trians pull in to buildings fully loaded and there is an exact train ready to pull out unloaded ready to head back

and to finish off here's a couple of pics of my family enjoying Nelsons great weather
my wonderful wife Carolyn  and Justin on the gold sand of Kaiteriteri 
 Nicole my Daughter