Friday, January 11, 2013

N gauge train layout

Something different this time while on Holiday i went to visit my Uncle Brian and Jenny, and had a great time He has always been into planes trains and everything fun fast and to do with models. In his basement he has built this wonderful layout for his trains and its really amazing hope you like the pics

 Here's picture of Uncle Brian my son Justin and Iris
All the boats and much more were scratch built

 this is the latest addition, one of the amazing things about this layout is there is as much going on under the table as there is on top trians pull in to buildings fully loaded and there is an exact train ready to pull out unloaded ready to head back

and to finish off here's a couple of pics of my family enjoying Nelsons great weather
my wonderful wife Carolyn  and Justin on the gold sand of Kaiteriteri 
 Nicole my Daughter 


  1. Tha is n maxing train layout, thanks for sharing.

  2. That is a fantastic layout Kent- the terrain is top notch. While living in Japan I nearly took the plunge and got back into model railroads- the gear available for N gauge over there is incredible as it is about the only scale most people can afford/have room to build


  3. Wow! That is absolutely amazing. Thanks for sharing your pics.

  4. That's really a Great Work!
    I'm always fascinated with Trains layouts : for me it's another world with small people living and working here: I'm like Gulliver face to Lilliputians !

  5. Wonderful layout. Wonderful hobby. Wonderful family, Sir!

  6. What a fantastic layout, that must have been soooo many hours work


  7. Huge and impressive, thanks for sharing!

  8. Very impressive! If I had the money and the time I would like to have model trains as well!

  9. Fantastic layout - and some great photos, particularly of that night-time effect with the station lighting!