Sunday, January 28, 2018

28mm Perry Napoleonic French Dragoons and Hussars

 So I've made a small dent in the boxes of Cav but it is a small
dent its great to see some horses rolling off the line

 really enjoy painting cav its one of the favorite things i like to do

 so this is my second unit of dragoons just 4 left to go
youve just got to love seeing cav lined up

Thursday, January 18, 2018

28mm Napoleonic French infantry

Well with the challenge progressing along, ive been working away 
on my French right from the first day this is my second submission of French infantry
in this there is light infantry line infantry Grenadiers and Voltigeurs so a good mix
with these complete i now have completed 5.5 regiments of the 22
 i have started so still heaps to do. I go back to work tomorrow so the painting will slow down now.

 I really enjoyed painting these guys 

Sunday, January 14, 2018

28mm Perry Miniatures Gun and four horse limber

 Once again as i grind through the French infantry every now and then
 i need a break and this is my
break a French 4 horse gun team and limber
 I always love these gun teams it's the second one
 I've done and really enjoyed painting it

Saturday, January 13, 2018

15mm Falschirmjager infantry Battlefront miniatures

as part of the Analogue painting challenge i decided to take another break from the french infantry and do these battlefront  German Paras, on my Youtube channel i asked people to send me figures they they didn 't want anymore and that i would paint them up and give them away. These figures are part of a parcel that turned up about a week later, there are a few more items still to finish, but when they are they will be going to one of my channel subscribers i hope they like them. we have two lots of infantry here i think about 84 infantry in total

28mm Bolt action German tanks

 these are a couple of extra points added to
the comp the Mark IV is plastic the stug is resin

Thursday, January 11, 2018

40k Librarian plus world eater squad

 these chaps were heading to the bin when i thought id paint them up
glad i did they might not be great figures but still happy with their dirty look

This figure below is one of the miniatures 
that i will be giving away this year on my youtube channel
he was a fun paint he is an old metal figure