Thursday, September 28, 2017

28mm Warlord Games Last Levy Defence of Berlin Boxset GIVE AWAY

Hi Every yes it says give away i've been running a YouTube channel under 
Kent Galpin of the Paint shack
and as part of building my subscriber base i have decided to start painting miniatures and give them away i'll attach a link to my latest video that explains how it works , Basically you have to be subscribed to my channel and you will have to comment on the competition post.
here's the link 
the comp starts on the 3rd of October 
when i will put up the post and the competition will last for two weeks
i will use a random number generator to select the winner from the entries

i spent 11 hours painting and basing this boxset and i love it 
the figures have so much character to them 
i've already had interest to provide me with a 15mm seleucid DBA army
and plenty of other figures to give away so this is just the first of hopefully many giveaways over the coming years

Friday, September 15, 2017

American war of Independence 40mm Front Rank British officers and Continental infantry & command

 Just a small batch here this is my second to last batch of figures for this commission , 
Last to go are British light infantry and 2 cav plus some fences and that will be the end of painting 40mm
It was quite hard painting 40mm to start with but in the end it helped my with my brush work and lifted the level of my skill, it will be a bit sad to stop, but that is the way of commission work, the exciting part is you never quite know whats around the corner
 painting so much red means that i have that colour down 
and will never need to change the 4 paints i use

 I really like these guys for some reason