Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dixon 25mm old west

I've been doing the odd bits and pieces on my old west figures and buildings (which are scratch built)
so here's a few pic's
All the minatures Are dixon they are real nice love the sculps for the horses

Finally finished a couple of buildings

As you can see a long way to go The barn is finished and the out house the rest are in varied stages

This fella needs some eyes and i'm going to redu the writing so it can be read

This is my first plains indian i'm trying to get the skin to look different than the white man he's still not quite complete

front rank 28mm Austrian syw Luzan Regiment based and finished

Hi Guys back again i know the blog been a bit quite lately lots to do but not the time I will be loading up a few pictures in the next few days  of some western figures and a couple of house, but here's the latest 28mm Austrian commission army that i am painting for Reg up North did a count up and i still have 8 Regiment of Infantry 4 of Cav and 4 guns plus more command figures oh and a couple of carriages to go, they just keep arriving this of course doesn't include the now increasing in numbers Hanovarian army also 28mm Front rank that some day this part time painter will get to.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

wild west shops started

firstly i had a few moments last night so ended the evening by painting up my first cowboy for this town . I should say second but the first lad has vanished. well i was asked if i would show how i built these puppies so here we go

Firstly you'll need : 3mm Balsa, 5mm Balsa backing cardboard a pen or something else to score the card a ruler wood glue sharp hobby knife.

Firstly i  cut out the shape of the house in the backing cardsmall houses 50mm high
then i score the balsa 5mm between each score below is the scored card cut and glued for the next building a large saloon two stories high.
Once the balsa is glued to the card i put them under a heavy book to stop curling.
i work out the size of the base needed and cut it out and start to assemble the building and in some ways just make it up as i go this building is out of the foundry book (rules with no name)
I still have some windows and a slate roof to do yet

I hate doing the windows but they have to be done
I glue the balsa onto the cardboard backing i use a semi gloss card this time

Starting to get there
here i've added the porch now around to the back

I've used the 5mm balsa for the ends of the fence 3mm for the middle with strips along the back as well. had to add the out house . three windows still to go on this model then the slate roof and she is ready for the paint

Friday, November 5, 2010

The russians are back home

I traded my russian flames of war army a few years back for two ACW armies but i always felt as though i had made a mistake doing so, so last week i made an offer to my friend Richard to get them back and they turned up today it's an infantry army but has the beginnings of a mec army which i will next year fill out so it covers all options to field mid and late war.

Oh the fun of charging across the fields while my friends mow me down

Thursday, November 4, 2010

28mm wild west Hotel started

Well i decided to put down the brush tonight and then went mad ordered nearly 100 pounds worth of Dixon old west minatures and then sat down and started to build another building for the town. I'm hoping to build around ten different buildings I've built the barn an out house and nearly finished the small hotel.

Well you've got to start somewhere right only 8 buildings and a couple of smaller ones a water tower fences and who knows what else to go, all in the name of fun.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hungarian Haller regiment syws 28mm figures finished based

I based these guys yesterday and finished them just now after having a really good win down at the club Fow 4 guys 3000 points per side My two tigers did some real damage and the Mark IV finished the job while dale delt to the other side of the board with his armoured infantry.
These guys are part of Regs Austrian Syw army all front rank figures been try to do a Regiment each week lately and these Hungarians allies is this weeks work. The Hungarians really add some nice colour to the army.
I'm really please with the way they have turned out and hope that they fight as good as they look