Tuesday, November 9, 2010

wild west shops started

firstly i had a few moments last night so ended the evening by painting up my first cowboy for this town . I should say second but the first lad has vanished. well i was asked if i would show how i built these puppies so here we go

Firstly you'll need : 3mm Balsa, 5mm Balsa backing cardboard a pen or something else to score the card a ruler wood glue sharp hobby knife.

Firstly i  cut out the shape of the house in the backing cardsmall houses 50mm high
then i score the balsa 5mm between each score below is the scored card cut and glued for the next building a large saloon two stories high.
Once the balsa is glued to the card i put them under a heavy book to stop curling.
i work out the size of the base needed and cut it out and start to assemble the building and in some ways just make it up as i go this building is out of the foundry book (rules with no name)
I still have some windows and a slate roof to do yet

I hate doing the windows but they have to be done
I glue the balsa onto the cardboard backing i use a semi gloss card this time

Starting to get there
here i've added the porch now around to the back

I've used the 5mm balsa for the ends of the fence 3mm for the middle with strips along the back as well. had to add the out house . three windows still to go on this model then the slate roof and she is ready for the paint

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  1. I struggle to paint 20mm so I take my hat off to anyone that paint that well in 15mm.Brilliant work.