Friday, November 5, 2010

The russians are back home

I traded my russian flames of war army a few years back for two ACW armies but i always felt as though i had made a mistake doing so, so last week i made an offer to my friend Richard to get them back and they turned up today it's an infantry army but has the beginnings of a mec army which i will next year fill out so it covers all options to field mid and late war.

Oh the fun of charging across the fields while my friends mow me down


  1. Great job. Where do you get these figures and armor/trucks?


  2. they are all flames of war 15mm minatures you will find them in most hobby stores over your way

  3. Looks like I'll get to use my Germans for a change.

    Pity we are going western front for Day of Days next year- Salerno, Alamein or even Cassino :)


  4. That's a lot of infantry! I've always wanted to build a Soviet midwar FOR force but have been put off by the amount of infantry it requires. Your force looks great.