Sunday, November 21, 2010

front rank 28mm Austrian syw Luzan Regiment based and finished

Hi Guys back again i know the blog been a bit quite lately lots to do but not the time I will be loading up a few pictures in the next few days  of some western figures and a couple of house, but here's the latest 28mm Austrian commission army that i am painting for Reg up North did a count up and i still have 8 Regiment of Infantry 4 of Cav and 4 guns plus more command figures oh and a couple of carriages to go, they just keep arriving this of course doesn't include the now increasing in numbers Hanovarian army also 28mm Front rank that some day this part time painter will get to.


  1. Although not my period...these guys look great. Very well painted and based :-)

  2. I love Front Rank and these guys look great. Very effective paint job.