Sunday, June 24, 2012

French Imperial Guard wip update 2

Can the prat that stuffed up my my text piss off and find something useful to do with there lives
As you can see from my fine words above someone decide to white out my words what a dick
Obviously has no talent of there own so decides to muck other peoples blogs up.
Anyway this is where i'm at with this weeks work
 One thing i hate about these victrix figures is the bayonets they just break so easily i must have broken 5 plus today i noticed a standard was broken as well, if only they had a better plastic like the Perry figures. Is it just me or does anybody else have this problem

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hanoverian Dragoons Finished

Well here's the next one, Only one to go and the Hanoverian's are done, once again i've really enjoyed painting this army, nice colours . he flag is busy drying ready to be posted away tomorrow

Sunday, June 17, 2012

work bench wip update

 I worked on these guys yesterday and have complete the undercoat for the white today i'll start the white
 I've been trying out a new way of doing my skin, it's getting there not quite right yet
 Below are the next two lots of cav for a commission i'm doing for Reg
they of course are in a very early stage, other than that i'm working on some Romans

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hanoverian Bremer regiment finished

Well only two regiments Left to go before i start the next army
Reg informed me that he is purchasing the French as well as more British to go with the Brits i will soon be starting so there were be plenty to do.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

15mm flames of war trade

 I managed to pick these up at southcon last weekend I started repainting them this afternoon four half tracks finished.
 I think i might now have enough half tracks there's 22 here plus what i already have
Here's a couple of things i tried to fix up a bit
you can see them in the upper left hand half tracks

 wee chip that needs fixing there
i added some grass and flowers to the guns below, done

28mm French infantry & SYW cav WIP

 I've been working on a few different batches of figures this week either starting them or trying to finsh them off.Here's a list of whats on the board at the moment. French Grenadiers12 figures . French line infantry  18 figures, French imperial guard 48 figures, Syw Hanoverian cav 12 figures. As well as repainting 46 fow vehicles that i picked up at Southcon in a trade
 these guys are nearly done they need the cuffs finished and gold and the drummer completed
I started the cav below on Thursday and spent 6 hours painting them so they now need the carbines and there hair plus the gold done and they will be ready to base.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hellenistic Elephants completed

 I love these boys and really enjoyed the painting
 The shields are all hand painted lots of fun

Monday, June 4, 2012

28mm Italian Hill tribes completed

 I do have another stand but just as i was about to do the photos my clumsy fingers broke off a shield so here's what the rest look like completed

Victory at Southcon 2012

After four years of complete failure i finally won the Flames of war competition along with my good friend Craig which took out best Allied, I managed to win all six games which is a first for me. Actually Pooch rounded out our car by taking out top place in Distopian wars so all round a great trip and weekend, lots great games and fun times meeting new people. Well do to Richard for hold a awesome competition. 

28mm Carthaginian Veterans finished

Well i managed to win Best painted team for the top two stands which was a nice suprise this weekend