Saturday, June 9, 2012

15mm flames of war trade

 I managed to pick these up at southcon last weekend I started repainting them this afternoon four half tracks finished.
 I think i might now have enough half tracks there's 22 here plus what i already have
Here's a couple of things i tried to fix up a bit
you can see them in the upper left hand half tracks

 wee chip that needs fixing there
i added some grass and flowers to the guns below, done


  1. Nice haul! I was thinking how nice they looked and then you upped it at the end. The extra highlight colors in the HTs pop.

    I'm frequently tempted to give FoW a spin. Pictures like these make the siren song louder!

  2. Great stuff, how much did they set you back?

  3. they were $10 a vehicle or gun but i had painted up 24 cav and 32 romans 28mm so in the end I ended up with these and $200 cash in the hand, the vehicles fill out my forces a little more i now have 30 half tracks and an assortment of of armoured half tracks i also pickup up a heap of Fallschirmjager which i am waiting to arrive and two boxes of plastic soldier company Mark 3's, I must start work on a few of the boxsets that i have in the cupboard.

  4. Superbe division blindé allemande. A bientôt Christian.