Wednesday, March 30, 2011

28mm Early crusades progress report

Well as you can see i'm now onto basing these fellas this is the first stage of basing i will then paint and add grasses to finish

This is one of my more favoured sheilds so far I'm actually having fun painting different shields now

Friday, March 25, 2011

whats on the painting table this week

after talking with Craig i hit these boys last night long way to go but i'm on the way.
They are all Perry miniatures early crusades figures and as i said in my earlier post i'll have to get some more to finish the army. I'm thinking that i will actually build a rather large force and then start on the Muslim forces this could be a long term project

these are the first of the Persian army i'm painting for John I've also started another 36 cav first coat on the horses all them are done

Saturday, March 19, 2011

28mm Crusades Perry, minatures cavalry started

After Craig saying i needed to start my cav i changed my mind and started them yesterday got a bit done today as well so here's the progress so far. I still have a final coat on the skin and some layering to do on some of the clothes as well as a few sheilds to finish plus a touch up here and there, I'm happy with the progress in the short time i've had to paint over this weekend.

I still have i think another 9 boxes of cav left to do plus 6 more of infantry then i will need to look at my next order of infantry

Friday, March 18, 2011

28mm Early Crusades army by Perry finished

I must admit i have rushed the basing of these guys and will probably go back and touch up a few bits on the figures but it was time get started on the next commission a 15mm persian army.
This is the first batch of my early Crusades army which i have really enjoyed painting, i have put aside the cavalry for now and will probably paint the rest of the infantry before i start them.
most of the shield designs a saw on little bigmen studios, i would seriously think about buy some but i always paint my own. If you have any suggestions for the next bacth let me know

Thursday, March 10, 2011

28mm Early Crusades update 2 sheild designs

Still working on these guys must say it's a slow process but enjoyable I've mainly been working on the foot but did start the cav today one thing i do like is all the colour it should lookreally nice when finished and i'm already planning my next purchases to add to this army then on to the Muslims

As you can see still more to do.  most of the hear and the boots have only the first coat on the and then there are bits here and there that i have to finish off.