Saturday, March 19, 2011

28mm Crusades Perry, minatures cavalry started

After Craig saying i needed to start my cav i changed my mind and started them yesterday got a bit done today as well so here's the progress so far. I still have a final coat on the skin and some layering to do on some of the clothes as well as a few sheilds to finish plus a touch up here and there, I'm happy with the progress in the short time i've had to paint over this weekend.

I still have i think another 9 boxes of cav left to do plus 6 more of infantry then i will need to look at my next order of infantry


  1. Great painting, I love the 4th pic, the brown flower? sheild looks fantastic. Great work!!

  2. Really nice work - good color choices.


  3. Very active looking - probably due to the great shading and color choices. I like these a lot.

  4. more stunning work from you there Kent, this army is going to look ace
    Peace James

  5. cheers thanks for the comments guys i do enjoy reading what you think remember to let me know if you would do anythin different.

  6. Those look great mate! I am finally trying to paint again, I got a new camera and hopefully will have some new 15mm ACW stuff posted by next week...