Friday, March 25, 2011

whats on the painting table this week

after talking with Craig i hit these boys last night long way to go but i'm on the way.
They are all Perry miniatures early crusades figures and as i said in my earlier post i'll have to get some more to finish the army. I'm thinking that i will actually build a rather large force and then start on the Muslim forces this could be a long term project

these are the first of the Persian army i'm painting for John I've also started another 36 cav first coat on the horses all them are done


  1. Looking good - I like how the Persians are coming along. BTW, appears some of shields, etc. are unprimed? Interesting. Regards, Dean

  2. a lot of the sheilds are either unpianted or needing second and third coats but last night i spent nearly three hours on them and they are starting to look really good now

  3. you have been a busy boy, all looking good.
    Peace James