Friday, April 12, 2013

For Sale 28mm ACW, French, Romans /15mm FOW Soviets

Hi Guys i know it's been a while since my last post i have been painting but a lot slower than my normal pace.
What we have here today are a bit of a clearout of my cupboard so i can raise some funds for new projects
If you have any interest in the items below please contact my at to discuss prices and postage

First up is a Perry  union acw 6 horse limber brand new ready to go 
Lot1 $120

Next up is a foundry roman army, there is 1 box of warlord plastic auxillery and 6 warlord games metal cav in there as well .For these guys if they sell as an army i will selling for my painting cost only the lead figures are free. I am prepared to sell as units if no one wants it as  a whole.
 Lot 2 SOLD

Here we have a French gun and 4 horse limber
 now we have 15mm Fow Soviet  tanks first up KV1's  tows at the back $20 for the four
Lot4 $20 each
 Two lots of 5 tanks brand new T34's $120 each the boxset cost $85 unpainted
 Two lots T34 plus 2ic cnc plus a T70 option $110 each if you buy all 4 lots i will throw in the 3 tanks at the front

28mm French artillery battery 1 howitzer, 1 12pdr, 2 6pdr,s, Metal Perry miniatures
Lot 9 $250

 Victrixs 28mm plastics 3 regiments Napoleonic Guard pay for half painting cost ,only figures free
Lots 10,11,12 $110 each, (note i have swapped out the stand at in front rank with hands unpainted for another command stand)