Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hungarian Haller regiment syws 28mm figures

I started working on these figures this week as well as finishing the last regiment and the 15mm Britons I'm happy with where they are, still a lot to do yet though.

At this stage the pants have three coats of blue as does the green. the white still has a coat to go as does the skin. I still have the guns hair and blue detailing on jacket silver buttons the hats need highlighting and dark grey on boats bags and bottles still to go but before you know they will be done.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

15mm Britons army complete ready to send

This army has been waiting for quite a while the are 176 foot 13 chariots and 18 cavalry i started it near the beginning of the month and have been painting it off and on since this is an army that John will base up to fit with the rest of his armies thus no basing.
I think the minatures were old glory

the chariots were fun to paint each has two figures in them

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

28mm old west buildings started

I've purchased around 40 to 50 wild west dixon minatures plus stage coach cuck wagon and some indians so i need a town  for them to shoot each other in, so today at work i put together an out house and started the stables, i re-enforced the stables with card so it will stand up to being handled.As always i'm still working on commissions tonight i am so close to finishing this Britons army.

Still a lot to do but i'm really happy with this start only another 8 to 10 buildings man i must be completely insane starting another project before i finish the last, Oh and i also purchased another 26 German ww2 Artizan figures over the weekend now i have around160 figures to paint and buildings to make for that as well.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

28mm hungarians finished based ready to go

I've just finished the basing and here they are, I've also started the next 24 so give me a week or so and they will be here to support the comrades. Oh and the flags are not attached just in case you were wondering why they are in the postion they are in.

28mm Hungarian Regiment started basing

Thought i would add a couple of pics of the Hungarian regiment i painted this week for Reg to add to his Austrian syw army this is the first batch of the 94 figures i'm working on (which is a small part of the army i have to do)  tomorrow i will start the white coats of the next batch also get ready to go away for weekend of flames of war competiton should be fun. Also tomorrow i need to try and finish the 15mm Cav for the Britons commission that i've been working on this week, where do i find the time?
below is a couple of pics of the army so far

when you think that i have another cav and at least 7 more regiments of infantry plus 4 more guns i still have a long way to go and the next army Hanovarians has started to arrive, oh well only one way to get it done and its not here on this computer so see ya later.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

weekends work 28mm hungarian syw and 15mm Britons

Well i did manage to put paint to brush a couple of times over the weekend and heres the progress
Saturday morning i did two layers of blue on the hungarian Infantry Gyulay and one of white later i add to a few the third highlight of blue and just to see what it would look like a bit of red still a long way to go but getting there
this shows the three layers of blue

then this afternoon i decided to start all the rest of the Britons army commission that i've been working on and made some good progress on them should have them complete by the end of the week i hope.

Friday, October 15, 2010

The weeks work 15mm Britons and 28mm syw and a cromwell

Well this week i did a bit of everything played flames of war Mid week prep for up and coming comp. painted 15mm last night and then an hour of 28mm to finish, and i've been painting the horses for the 15mm Britons in my lunch time as well as starting my first 28mm cromwell lots of fun and still there seem no end to figures waiting to paint. I ordered 25mm dixon wildwest this week around 40 minatures and a chuck wagon plus stage coach and a rule set from foundry. Just something else on the shelf for painting. In the above picture is over 100 finished Briton infantry. I've almost finished the horses  for 14 chariots so time to glue up the next batch of this commission.
Still have the tracks and a few more bits to do yet maybe some mud would be nice.

first coats of colour started long way to go.

As i said in a earlier blog i've started 96 figures I've one final highlight of skin to do and then that parts done,

Friday, October 8, 2010

Scratch built church finished based

let me know what you think what would you do different, I had fun doing this one next up will be a L shaped house two story one half destroyed.

I might have to build a stone wall to go around this and maybe some grave stones

28mm scratch built church nearly there

Started painting the church tonight starting to look more like it should sorry about the pictures not the best, you can also see in the background syw figures that i have done the first coat of skin on tonight and a dye wash there's 96 figures in this batch with another 7 bags of infantry 24 figures per bag and two of 12 cav and two bags of artillery still to go, big job.

I decided to added the sand mix to the base and repaint it again as i wasn't happy with the bubble, it just looked to smooth, once repainted i'll add thr grass

Thursday, October 7, 2010

28mm church started

Between painting some more 28mm syw figures some 28mm WW2 and 15mm Britons I decided to started this church last night a friend of mine gave me a piece of cork board to see what i thought for making buildings.Its much easier to cut and good to work with. i did go mad and decide to cut in each stone block ( only took 2 hours mainly because i had put the building together before i cut them in). I will add some plaster and rubble around the church before i undercoat the building. The inspiration for this building comes from a great blog with some awesome buildings. Roundwoods world

the floor here is also from Craig he cast them in a very hard plaster
I was going to use them for my romans but they made a perfect floor for this building

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Artizan 28mm Germans

Just click on the pictures to enlarge
I decided to extend my wee break from commission work today and did some of my Artizan Germans that i picked up off trademe, they're starting to come together still abit to go yet but they are starting to look the part

I based this fella when i did the US Paras

This was my first attempt at camo and to say i was less than please is an understatement. As you can see he came with a broken gun so i probably won't bother to repaint as he will get shelved.

Second attempt was much more pleasing on the eye,
Let me know what you think

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Artizan 28mm US Paras

I've been busy painting figures for everyone else so it's nice to see a few of my own coming along, even though i'm not happy with the faces on some of them, and i'm working on getting the German camo to look nice not happy with the first attempt , second looks much better but the pictures i took look terriable so you'll have to wait till next time. there are still the odd bit here and there still to do like the odd knee pad or elbo pad but other than that this is the begining of my 28mm army.