Friday, October 8, 2010

28mm scratch built church nearly there

Started painting the church tonight starting to look more like it should sorry about the pictures not the best, you can also see in the background syw figures that i have done the first coat of skin on tonight and a dye wash there's 96 figures in this batch with another 7 bags of infantry 24 figures per bag and two of 12 cav and two bags of artillery still to go, big job.

I decided to added the sand mix to the base and repaint it again as i wasn't happy with the bubble, it just looked to smooth, once repainted i'll add thr grass


  1. Looks really good. You should re-name your blog the "28mm Terrain Shack" it's so good!

  2. Once you start building things its very hard to stop. Before you know it youll have a whole city done. Nice job.