Saturday, June 21, 2014

40k Salamander and Eldar

Well hello once again  this time its something completely different from my normal painting, i've been trying to get my son into historical wargames for years but this year he has decided to get into 40k why i might ask myself, i had never painted these figures before and am now having to learn a new style of painting. I have to amit i am having so much fun its not funny. Some of the figures are new and some i have managed to get off a friend, thxs Nigel.

These guys i'm really happy with the photo doesn't show how good the lava came out but i'm going to do a gloss layer over the lava so it looks wet
 I've painted the rest of the terminators but they haven't benn glossed and then dulcoat yet
 This is a test for the red i want for the spider dudes a bit dar but Justin wants these guys slightly darker so i will do the other five guys

 one boxset down there are so many still to do my son has slaved me out, and then there are all those vehicles i'm glad i bought that airbrush man it is saving me a lot of time with green basecoats

 this Eldar tank was a gloss black yesterday covered in dust it annoyed me so much so i washed it and undercoated it then airbrushed to coats of the base red 7 hours later a completely different model i still have some detail work to do but i'm really happy i actuall pulled it to bits my son was like what have you done but i wanted to be able to paint the guys inside