Friday, April 30, 2010

How to paint 15mm Xyston Macedonions

Well the Guy this commission is for has asked me to post how i'm painting these guys and and what paints i'm using so here we go.
Undercoat the minature with flat black paint
All paints are either Citadel, games workshop or Vallejo

1. I start with the flesh base coat Citadel Tallarn flesh.
2. base coat dark prussian blue all areas to end up blue.
2. base coat khaki all linen areas
3. base coat either black red, Bubonic brown or reflective green on the waste belt depending on which final colour you are wanting.
4. base coat plumes medium sea grey
5. Now apply intense blue over the prussian blue make sure to cover nearly all the prussain blue the base caot is to make the second colour look brighter and instead of black showing through you get this nice blue.
6. highlight face with Elf flesh
7. coat the khaki with buff leaving only the egdes (where belts and shoulder pads meet)
8. highligh this area now with 50/50 buff and white mix use sparingly.
9 Now do a blue highlt using flat blue on raised areas or where the sun would glint off the helmet
10. Highlight for belt either blood red, golden yellow, medium olive. when you do this try to leave a small amount of the base coat in the middle of the belt,
11. highlt plumes with with leaving strands of the base coat to show through.
12. apply base coat to cross belt scalib and spear scrotched brown
13. now apply cathman brown to these areas. On the belt leave dark either side as you paint it.
on both the others make sure you still can sea some of the undercoat.
14. apply boltgun metal to the end of the spear.
15. apply shining gold to brim of helmet and greeves making sure you leave a small amount of black around the leather straps on the legs. paint those straps with calthan brown

Xyston 15mm commission

Well this time we have a small commission mix of  Macedonions greeks and spartans. the spartans are to be painted up as thebans. Xyston are a very nice figure to paint and if you're thinking 15mm ancients you can't go wrong with this company.

first things with the xyston figures is you need a really small drill bit and then drill out the hands they have spears that you can cut to length. but remember the spaears don't come with the figures you buy them separately.

So here we are with my test figure I've painted the base coat of skin and blue on most of the 16 Hypaspists.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How to paint 28mm french figures

 In this post I'm not going to go over how i paint faces i will leave that to go over in another post, The idea with this is to show you how easy it is to get a great finish on you figures.

The first step is to wash the figures to make sure that they are clean of any residue then undercoat in a flat black.
All paints are either Gw or Valleji
I start with the flesh first ( i will cover this later)
1.)then apply the dark Prussian Blue to the all areas needing blue don't leave any black areas other than edges eg. of coats belts...
2.) then apply medium sea grey to any area that will end up white
3. appy intense blue  leaving samll amounts of bard blue to show through.
4.) apply flat blue as the second highlight use sparingly on raised areas only
5.) apply white over the grey leaving small amouts of the grey to show through. ( there are heaps of pictures on the web that you can use to see how pants are painted for referenc as well)
6.)apply black red to all areas that will end up red
7.) paint blood red leaving small amounts of back red to show through i repeat the red when dry on small areas this brightens these areas of red a bit more.
8.) apply shinig gold to the gun and buckles
9.) apply scorched brown to gun hair and pack
10 .)apply bolt gun silver to gun barrel
11.) apply calthan brown to hear and gun
12.)apply british uniform brown to pack
13.)apply orchar yellow highlight to hair
14.) sometimes apply a third highlight of pastle blue  around pockest
15.) apply burnished gold  as a highlight to the shining gold on the gun
16 Paint shade areas on black with german grey

the last two photos of the drummer you'll see he's not quite finished yet but i like him.
Any questions just ask and i'll try to let you know
link to Eureka minature in US

Monday, April 26, 2010

french 15mm Napoleonic Infantry commision update completely finished

here's the last photos of the Light infantry 4 more battalions sadly most of the photos didn't come out and i sent them away this morning hope you like them John.

this army consisted of around 25 Battalions of infantry plus 8 cav Battalions 10 guns and limbers and i have worked on it over the past 3 months now i have a small commission of Greeks macedonians and a few others  then on to another large spanish Napoleonic commission job oh what fun the life of a part time painter

Saturday, April 24, 2010

15mm AB romans

Nic from Eureka minatures sent me these romans with a selection of other figures
I must amit I am a AB junkie i just love their Napoleonic range of figures but have not looked into the other ranges before, I paint a lot of Ancient armies for other people and once again i have to admit that AB have done it once again  these figures are beautifully detail but still easy to paint.
So here are a few shots of them I haven't based them for a gaming system but just thought they might look nice this way.
For all you guys in America here's your link to buy AB minatures in the US

Friday, April 23, 2010

28mm french Eureka minatures

As i said i have been working on my faces a nd here's my final product
this guys at stage two

stage one i've done all the faces

this guy below is stage two base colors for the blue and white

just a couple of shots of the boys i've finished. All the flesh has been done and i'm now onto the main part of the uniforms they should all look like this fellow in a week or so. Depending on what happens around here

Thursday, April 22, 2010

started some 28mm french

I've been working on my 28mm painting haven't done a lot in the past but i just love it and intend on doing a lot more Eureka gave me these minatures to diplay on the blog so here are a couple of shots I'll do a post at the end on how i painted them and basing them there's a total of sixteen figures plus 1 mounted officer.
they arn't quite finished yet close but still the odd detail to go the red hasn't come out as good on this picture as it looks to the eye maybe because i took the pictures at night

really happy with the way the hair turned out on the figure below it will  be my
new style from now on

french 15mm Napoleonic Infantry commision update 10 finished

I've finished  the first three Battalion of light infantry 4 to go
they still needed some gold here to finish them did that tonight

addedthese guys today

now onto the next 4
cheers guys

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

15mm French Napoleonic light infantry day two plus 10mm russians

Haven't had much time for these guys and will be out tonight but are two Battalions that are nearing the end still a bit of work yet.
as I said still a bit of work but they are starting to look like soldiers now

Last night i did a few more of my 10mm russians
the back three rows  have just been started

Monday, April 19, 2010

15mm French Napoleonic : comission update 9 light infantry

I started the last of this commision the light infantry so here a a couple of pics of how i paint them haven't got far yet as i am painting them in my lunch time at work 30min a day

First a coat of prussian blue
and tartan skin games workshop
looks pretty bad at this stage

then some intense blue. normally i would paint another highlight of flat blue to finish but not this time as i want them to stand out a little from the rest of the army

then I've paint the highlight for the face with elf flesh
it will get a small lick of ink around the nose mouth and eyes but not to much
I have around 72 at this stage next will be in lots of 18 with cuffs and colars that sought of things

Friday, April 16, 2010

french 15mm Napoleonic Infantry commision update 9

As i said before I'm almost at the end of this commission job
It's taken me longer than normal as i hurt my back in the middle and had to take three weeks off
here we have 8 Battalions of 16 figures, I've also finishe aanother 23 figures that are mainly command figures. they are painted to wargames standard. I have 7 Battalions of light infantry left and hope to have them finished in the next two weeks. I will take them off the card and send them to John so that he can base them to his standard. this is the third Napoleonic army I have painted for john and i also sold him my British so he is really building a large collection of Naps.

As I said before htere are multipal manufactures which has made painting this army very interesting
The hardest would be the battleline figures as the detail is very hard on the brushes and i have gone through 2-3 more brushes than normal.