Tuesday, April 20, 2010

15mm French Napoleonic light infantry day two plus 10mm russians

Haven't had much time for these guys and will be out tonight but are two Battalions that are nearing the end still a bit of work yet.
as I said still a bit of work but they are starting to look like soldiers now

Last night i did a few more of my 10mm russians
the back three rows  have just been started


  1. They look great . I have the same ABs on my lap and am just working out Triads\shades. A small question - How many shade layers do you use on 15mm ? and do you shade smaller items such as Plumes etc ?

    Thanks a mil.


  2. These are not Ab's they are old glory but they haven't come out to bad if i say so myself if you go back to older postings you'll find AB's everywhere. I normanl use three on main parts like jackets, two on bags three on faces plumes now that sounds like a good idea but not for the ones above as they are for a commission that is my gamer standard which i like to think is above normal gamer standard. If you need any colours that i use let me know and i will list them.