Monday, April 26, 2010

french 15mm Napoleonic Infantry commision update completely finished

here's the last photos of the Light infantry 4 more battalions sadly most of the photos didn't come out and i sent them away this morning hope you like them John.

this army consisted of around 25 Battalions of infantry plus 8 cav Battalions 10 guns and limbers and i have worked on it over the past 3 months now i have a small commission of Greeks macedonians and a few others  then on to another large spanish Napoleonic commission job oh what fun the life of a part time painter


  1. Hey Galpy, these turned out pretty good! You know I have yet to do one commission, there are very few 'round here that do ACW or Napoleonics and all that anyone asks me to paint is WHFB or WH40K or FOW, which I have done more than I can count for my own collections, and I always turn those down. What do you get per figure translated into USD? If you do not mind me asking...

  2. Your customer should be very happy with these.

  3. 2.55 infantry 4.50 cav this is a high standard what i would put on my own figures. has 2 shades on faces hands 3 on jackets and good detail on the rest