Friday, December 27, 2013

3rd Entry into Analogue Painting comp

For my third entry i painted up 12 Front Rank French lancers a Perry Miniatures French Generals staff set and some children that were supposed to be part of a side challenge but i forgot so missed that one., I lover the Front Rank figures they are so easy to paint the detail is crisp and clean, which is good because i have a lot to paint, I've completed my nest two entries and am now working on my 6th which is a bit bigger but i did about 10 hours work on it yesterday and am about 70 percent completed today is a day of rest some my wife doesn't shot me.
the Lancers are part of an army I'm painting for a friend of mine Reg. once the French are completed i'm going to start on the Russians

 i was pleased with this set it's the second time i've painted it up it's been sitting in my cupboard for a year or more and it took me about 3 hours to paint
 I bought the figures below off trademe and cant remember what the make is and have no idea what i'll use them for

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Second entry to Analogue Painting challenge French 28mm Cuirassiers

French cuirassiers, this time i went for 28mm cav 12 Perry and 12 Front Rank heavy French cavalry it took me 23-25 hours to paint these, i don't think the wife is to impressed with me at this stage can you imagine what it is like a week later and in 2.5 months. As you can see there is not extra grasses on the bases as i am skint after paying of a new kitchen that ran over budget, i'm just hoping i don't run out of static grass.

This is the first time that i have painted 24 cav in a week, i don't think it will be my last.there is a lot of cavalry in the pile of figures that i am attempting to complete by the end of this challenge

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry christmas

To all those  that have followed my blog over the year i wish you a very merry Christmas and happy new year hope you have a grt day with family and friends

Friday, December 20, 2013

My first entry into the Analogue Painting Challenge

 I managed to scrape these together on the first day of the challenge something to get me on the board, I've been painting most nights since and have racked up 23 hours of painting this week, which has allowed me to do something i have been unable to achieve before, but you will have to wait till it has been shown on curts blog, still need some basing but should be almost complete tomorrow, today i started the next batch of figures so it all go but all top secret here
 these half tracks are part of a batch of old fow miniatures that i decided to repaint to fit into my new army
 you can see some damage on the rear half track i think i might paint some battle damage in there

Friday, December 13, 2013

28mm modern infantry mix

These will be the last figures painted before i start the Analogue Painting competition they had been half finished for quite a while so thought i should complete them just to get me painting again as i haven't been painting much lately, that will soon change as of tomorrow.
sorry the pics aren't a bit better it started to rain as i was taking them

the resistance 
 some British infantry
 then there's the mercs

Saturday, November 23, 2013

The madness begins Analogue painting challenge prep

 I had some undercoated all ready the rest i based ready for spraying on the weekend
I decided to try and finish off the french before i started any russians or prussians, im going to try and get an entry finished on the first night just for a laugh maybe the half tracks we will see

 there are about 90 french infantry 50-60 acw infantry 2 guns and crew maybe 70 cav a good start

 bit of spray painting was done yesterday all done except the lancers which i glued togther so need to dry. on can of spray down

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

28mm Japanese Bolt action army

Hi everyone first of sorry that i haven't posted much lately life has been crazy mad and something had to give sadly its been my painting and gaming. But i have decided to enter the analogue painting competition to try and get me going again. I sat down tonight and started to look at what i might paint, there is a lot of cavalry in bags that need my attention so i think ill start with 5 bags of cav and about 50 acw infantry see how long that takes.

I really enjoyed painting these once i worked out my colours, it's a 1000pt are deal
sorry the pics arn 't better
the wee mountian gun is my favourite

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

last French finished for the Leipzig game

 here's a few pictures of the last two units that were needing to be finished for the big game in a couple of weeks also need to add a few flags so now i'm all done
 these Cav below have already sold 
I'm hoping that i won't have to bring home a few of the units  that i am taking up to Wellington.
 I'm thinking of  selling these boys as well

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

28mm WarLord Games Imperial Japanese test( how to paint)

I bought a 1000 pt war lord games Japanese army a few weeks ago and am now wondering how to paint them, there are plenty of pictures but not a lot of tips on how to paint especially when you use a layering of colours like i do, so yesterday i sat down in my lunch time and did a test figure to see if i could work out my colours. On the figure below i have the uniform with the more yellow look and the cap with my test on a more green

If you like the figure here's how i painted him. If people want i can do a stage by stage picture by picture how to paint. let me know if that is something you guys would like.
so what i came up with for the yellow look is as follows

1. base coat :mix yellow green with German camo brown about 65% to 25% to give a darkish green with a hit of brown to it
2 1st highlight Japanese uniform 
3 second highlight: Mix a small amount of sky grey into Japanese uniform
4 third highlight and yes this is the layer that makes it pop (look so much better)  Mix a small amount of white with Japanese uniform .( use sparingly don't paint to much with it.

yellow green
middlestone mix small amount of sky grey

bestial brown (old paint cant buy anymore)
flat earth 
devlan mud wash (hard to come by) 

Shirt is stone grey then i mixed a small amount of white into it for secont layer.
( I will have to see if this works alright on a whole shirt or not.)

flesh: i just used  shadow flesh 343 then first highlight base carne 341 second highlight flat flesh 70955
where i want a 5 oclock shadow it didnt use the last highlight on this area and then used sky grey watered almost down to nothing use very little on the bush you can go over it as many times until you have the colour you want

IN the photo below you can see how i have done the face a bit better, i should have done the chin as well maybe on the next figure

 today i thought maybe i better do a little bit of work so put third layer on the British troops I have 20 of these figures on the go and about 30 to start.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

French troops roll call for the Big Leipzig battle in October

 In total In the battle for Leipzig there will be 356 infantry units, 115 cavalry units, and 91 artillery batteries for the battle. That is 8544 infantry miniatures, 1380 cavalry miniatures and around 200 gun models.other than a few cav regiments and one infantry that has just been based what you see is my contribution to the battle
 i have two guns still unpainted and not all these are actually needed
i'm really happy with the guard artillery even if im unable to get any nice pictures at the moment