Tuesday, November 19, 2013

28mm Japanese Bolt action army

Hi everyone first of sorry that i haven't posted much lately life has been crazy mad and something had to give sadly its been my painting and gaming. But i have decided to enter the analogue painting competition to try and get me going again. I sat down tonight and started to look at what i might paint, there is a lot of cavalry in bags that need my attention so i think ill start with 5 bags of cav and about 50 acw infantry see how long that takes.

I really enjoyed painting these once i worked out my colours, it's a 1000pt are deal
sorry the pics arn 't better
the wee mountian gun is my favourite


  1. Outstanding and great to have you back. I love these sculpts, really great characterful poses too.

  2. Thanks guys I've always wanted to do a Japanese ww2 force so when the opportunity arose i jumped at it

  3. Great painting on the Japs! I think they'll give the marines something to think about.

  4. Thxs guys I've started preparing for the come based up 52 cavalry 3 bags to go

  5. Beautiful figures! Love the poses, paintjob and basing!