Sunday, February 26, 2012

28mm foundry figures completed

You'll notice that some of these guys aren't completed to my normal basing standard
that's because a friend of mine, Richard has bought them and wants to base them to fit his own army.

 Sadly my camera has died and these were the last shots to come out the others were all blurred

 I only have now one more foot of 24 figures and 3 guns and crew to finish
I have done the command stands but no pictures yet of course with no camera.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

28mm foundry ecw cav update

I've almost finished these guys if i get a chance to paint tonight i'll be able to complete them, I have the last coat on about half the boots and most of the saddles to do24 of them i've sold to a friend so they won't be based as he has his own style of basing the others will be part of my army that i will try to sell in the weekend.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

painting desk this week

 Well even though it's been a busy week I still managed to get a bit achieved I've almost finished another regiment of infantry, would have finished but didn't realize i added to figures that were for my guns so have to paint two more and then also realized that i had glued them to the main base before doing the second coat of hair, not a biggy but its still something else to do. The guy at the front right here has only one of three coats of paint on what was i thinking. I think i will start the next 24 figures on Monday . My boss is away so i get to paint not only at lunch but also afternoon tea as everyone else goes home at lunch cool. might just start on all that's left.

 The Cav are heading off south in a week to a new owner so i need to get them finished soon 
they don't need to be based they will be joining a rather large collection of ecw figures, I still have quite a bit to do on them yet but i'm quite certain i will get them done in time.

 I have two Generals that a friend has said he wants still a bit of work once again but they are getting there, the horse still has highlights to go  and just a  few other small details on both figures
 The white on this horse still needs a bit of work to make me happy the models are bricorn 
i think.

 these guys are a mixture of foundry and old glory( they are my generals)

Friday, February 17, 2012

28mm Dixon wild west miniatures

these are mostly Dixon miniatures that i painted last week for the Analogue painting competition 
 the guy in blue with the Winchester is my favorite 

28mm WW2

One lone German Artizan and a few American infantry 28mm Old foundry figures

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

28mm WW2 Germans

 Had a long weekend this past week so I did these guys on Monday, quite happy with the camo effect.
I think i might go back over them and do some more work on the faces, but other than that all done,
these figures will be all for sale in a couple of weeks along with the rest

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The work bench this week

 This week i decided to do a few of my western figures most of them are Dixon miniatures but a few are foundry I enjoy painting these guys and am considering buying my new ACW armies from Dixon i really like the facial detail.
All of the figures below still need work done on them but they are coming along well, The WW2 american infantry i started last night for a change and there is a lot to still done
 As you can see some of the faces have there second coat but most don't, all the hair is at stage one and i must do some boats

 And still there were more like always i always buy to much but i can't help myself I've started the horses and of course some of the indians which i looked at a few weeks back, there are more indian horse somewhere, I'm looking forward to starting a few Mexicans at some stage

Friday, February 10, 2012

15mm Fallschirmjager mortar section

I've got a competition in a couple of weeks and needed these guys so here they are

Thursday, February 9, 2012

28mm ecw cavalry based finished

As part of the Anologue painting comp I've been trying to get as many of my own figures painted as possible
here's the first 48 figures of 82 ecw cav, i took a wee break after these were done and did 28 ww2 Germans -28mm and a mortar section 15mm and now i'm working on 28mm cowboys, then i'll head back to the rest of the cav and infantry. So it's all on.

There is one regiment of Cuirassier, two of Horse and one of Dragoons. I have two more of horse to go plus command figures.
I've decided that once the competition is over i will be selling all the figures painted, so if anyone is interested drop me an email and we can talk figures. I'll post a for sale post with pics at the end. The British ww2 have already gone.