Saturday, February 11, 2012

The work bench this week

 This week i decided to do a few of my western figures most of them are Dixon miniatures but a few are foundry I enjoy painting these guys and am considering buying my new ACW armies from Dixon i really like the facial detail.
All of the figures below still need work done on them but they are coming along well, The WW2 american infantry i started last night for a change and there is a lot to still done
 As you can see some of the faces have there second coat but most don't, all the hair is at stage one and i must do some boats

 And still there were more like always i always buy to much but i can't help myself I've started the horses and of course some of the indians which i looked at a few weeks back, there are more indian horse somewhere, I'm looking forward to starting a few Mexicans at some stage


  1. Some great looking cowboys there pardner! :)

  2. Yee-haaaa!!! Great looking figures!

  3. Nice work on those Westerns - they have a lot of character! Best, Dean

  4. You really should be called The Machine, how many hours a week do you manage? Not that these guys are knocked out, your skills and speed are both high. I feel a little Kermit!!!!


  5. Very nice; the Dixons cowboys have bags of character! Simon

  6. I try to inspire people with what i do not Kermit them !!!! what ever that means. I paint for 30min every lunchtime at work and for an hour or two at least twice a week sometimes a lot more depending on the wife and family. It all comes down to the fact that for at least three years now i have been painting 28mm figures for commission every week it just makes you have to get better and faster.

    1. Your work is certainly inspirational and I suppose if you give a regular time allocation you have everything to hand; you are of course absolutely right, the more you practice the better you get, I just wish I had more time to practice! Keep them coming,

      All the very best,


  7. Just stumbled onto your blog. Like these minis and your brushwork is top notch.

  8. Excellent job on those. I have some of those Dixon Cowboys, but mine will never look this good, and yours aren't even finished, yet.