Saturday, February 18, 2012

painting desk this week

 Well even though it's been a busy week I still managed to get a bit achieved I've almost finished another regiment of infantry, would have finished but didn't realize i added to figures that were for my guns so have to paint two more and then also realized that i had glued them to the main base before doing the second coat of hair, not a biggy but its still something else to do. The guy at the front right here has only one of three coats of paint on what was i thinking. I think i will start the next 24 figures on Monday . My boss is away so i get to paint not only at lunch but also afternoon tea as everyone else goes home at lunch cool. might just start on all that's left.

 The Cav are heading off south in a week to a new owner so i need to get them finished soon 
they don't need to be based they will be joining a rather large collection of ecw figures, I still have quite a bit to do on them yet but i'm quite certain i will get them done in time.

 I have two Generals that a friend has said he wants still a bit of work once again but they are getting there, the horse still has highlights to go  and just a  few other small details on both figures
 The white on this horse still needs a bit of work to make me happy the models are bricorn 
i think.

 these guys are a mixture of foundry and old glory( they are my generals)


  1. Very nice. What more do you have planned for the white horses?

  2. I have a layer of bright white to go i is in off white at the moment and blcak to apply to the legs i think i'll apply skin tone to the tip of the nose as well

  3. Very nice units and excellent painting