Friday, January 2, 2015

28mm work on my kitchen table/ I did promise my wife i wouldn't paint my Christmas way

 If I am honest with myself this is only  a very small amount of things i have started there are the box of maybe thirty roman cav another box of 40-50 roman infantry then there's the Russian lancers i've started and a heap of space marines and eldar im working on as well, does it ever end. and to top it off today i airbrushed the first coats fo japanese jungle fighters some more German paras and abot 60 German infantry and of course the models above are now all undercoated and first base coat on

Thursday, January 1, 2015

My Son asked me if i can please paint this 40k Eldar Jetbike for him

When i got these figures off a mate the Eldar models were in pretty bad shape i had already fixed and painted the one in the background, so i pulled it to bit washed it undercoated it in black and then airbrushed  a few fine layers of red before doing the rest by brush, I drilled out the bottom of the craft where the stand is attached because it was far to lose, then using a garden watering system wee plastic plug that is used to fill a hole, i put a new hole drilled into it inserted this in and supper glued it this plastic will not wear so the stand should now stay firm.
 the shot below is obviously before attaching the top,