Friday, December 31, 2010

Well here are the totals for what i painted for 2010 and whats next.

Man it's been a busy year lots of painting i don't think there was hardly a week that went by that i didn't need to put paint to paint brush, lucky that i enjoy painting a lot and lucky that my wife is very good about my painting. The stocks of paints are a bit low so there will have to be a new year shop in Christchurch sadly the local shop has closed.

307-15mm Cavalry
1542 -15mm Infantry
13 -15mm Chariots
12 - 4 Horse Limbers
2 - Ming rockets
19- 15mm Guns each with 4 crew
2 - 4 horse wagons
1- 2 horse wagons
347 - 28mm Infantry
12- 28mm guns with 4 crew each
3 -28mm Wagon 4 horse team
68- 28mm Cavalry
42 Stands 10mm Infantry
1- Giant
1- 28 vehicles
6- 28mm buildings
3- 15mm Buildngs

So whats in line for next year well for starts
12 more ECW cav.
1 DBA Indian army
2 boxsets of fow IV tanks and 3 marders
lots of 28mm cowboys and indians around 100
more wild west building started water tower and Saloon
around 160, WW2 28mm mix German, US paras and british
300, 28mm Romans
Heaps of 28mm Syw Austrian and Hanovarians
Large 28mm crusader army
So that should keep me going for quite a while.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

28mm warlord games ECW cavalry update1

 We as part of a rather trade i had to paint up these ECW cav there are 25 in total and they are to be painted inquite a few different colours there are nine in the green three in buff and re and three in grey the rest in buff and an asortment of other colours i decided to do a box at a time as i'm running out of room with all the other commissions lined up ready to go. The pictures show where i'm at so far quite a way to go, i was hoping to have them finished but i built a fence instead moh well one must keep the wife happy.
I have to admit that after painting 28mm metals for the past 3 or 4 months i'm not enjoying painting plastics and don't think that i will venture into this area of gaming, i know that you can make savings but in the long run the metals will out last the plastics, those swords every time i bump one i think snap.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

28mm front Rank Austrian syw Hussars finished based

This is another commission unit for Regs Austrian Syw army that i am painting for him i found this one to be quite interesting as the only pictures i found were on the internet and they didn't show the horses. Hope i got the right. I really enjoy painting these front rank figures they are so well sculpted.

I started my next commission yesterday which is 24 ECW 28mm Cav  so will hopefully have some pics up soon out tonight testing Craigs FOW army for the world champs smashed it last week but if i know Craig he'll come back and beat the live day lights out of me.

Monday, December 27, 2010

28mm Front Rank Austrian syw Hussars progress report

well i managed to get a few hours in today in between holding my wifes shopping bags.The boys are coming along quite well still have quite a bit to do yet but you can now see what they will look like in the end. the grey horses still have the highlights and the skin still has final coat little bits here and there but they all take time. I also finished off some 28mm fences and nearly finished a water tower and started a saloon for my wild west figures.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas everyone / New 28mm & 15mm Galleries

Well from me and my family here's wishing you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year. Hope you have a chance to spend time catching up with family and friends and that Santa fills your santa socks with all those models and figures that you've been waiting for.
A big thanks to all those who visted my site this year, I've added some pictures in my 28mm and 15mm Galleries on the left of the page. When i find some more time i will sort the 28mm in to catagories.
Cheers and a merry Christmas one and all

Monday, December 20, 2010

28mm front rank hussars progress report

well i've managed to get a bit more done on these fellas
the rest of the boys have had three layers of blue and two of red this lad abovestill has another layer of yellow and a highlight of red and skin as well as the horse and bed roll to do, still a lot to do yet.
buthappy with the progress. The artillery and wagons left for their new destination today, hopefully they will get there before Christmas.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

28mm Front rank Austrians guns and wagons based and ready to send

 I got a few moments over the weekend inbetween organising 22 kids to sing at a christmas breakup oh what fun that was. any way what i was about to say was finish and base Regs Austrian 12pdrs and 6pdrs plus two wagons so here's a few pics

 I've been asked by the wife to not do to much this week so looks like i will be doing the hussars at work which will slow me down as i only get half an hour of painting at lunchtime. We will have to see if i can keep to this.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

28mm front rank Austrians this weeks work so far.

 On Saturday i started by undercoating two wagons 12 hussars 4 guns and crew I did a small amount of painting on Sunday and hit the brushes hard on Monday and Tuesday night so what you see is around 9 hours work.

firstly 2 12 pdrs and 2 6pdrs still a small amount of work on the black metal to go and some writing on the officers paper as well as highlighting on the black parts of uniforms

these wagons are to be objectives one per objective i still have work to do on the barrels in the wagons

then the hussars they are at basic stage two coats on the faces done one coat on all horses pants and started coats.

once these boys are finished i think i'll head back over to my 28mm cowboys as well as 24 28mm ECW cavalry for a friend of mine.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

more cowboys

When i bought a bunch of figures of trademe the other week there were about 14 painted already and not a bad job either so i thought what the heck i put them up.
I've had to get back to commisssion work so i started to carts which are going to be booze wagons 4 guns and crew as well as 12 hussars all Austrian syw front rank figures today nearly finsihed the carts done the horses for them just the metal work and the 4 figures and then onto those guns which i undercoated along with the hussars.

Monday, December 6, 2010

28mm cowboys

When i purchased thes figures i decided that i wanted
lots of town folk to make the town feel more realistic

this fella below is by my 14 year old son he is the second figure that i have taught to paint even though he found it very hard because i really pushed him but man what a result for only his second figure.


still have the basing to do but i'm real happy with the result so far.

finished the horse

 somehow i managed to get this eye to come out like this i slipped on the brush and bang the eye was done just a dot in the middle to finish it and some how both sides came out the same.

heres some of the rest of the boys

I painted up a few over the weekend