Saturday, December 4, 2010

28mm Austrian syw German infantry finished & based

I've just finished the next batch of Infantry for Reg, 10 Regiments of infantry to go. next though I have two carts 4 artillery and 12 cav to start for him, I have been painting other bits and pieces for myself as well which i will load up in the next couple of days. All the figures in this commission are Front rank very nice to paint great figures, think i will end up buying a French army from them sometime next year.
Let me know your thoughts is there anything you would change I value your comments one can never stop learning thats why i love visiting your sites.


  1. "one can never stop learning thats why i love visiting your sites"
    Yeah right as if you can learn something from me.
    These are some great looking minis. A very good job.
    1 question. How do you paint the metal looking parts? With metal paint or are you doing NMM?

  2. Truly beautiful. You are a great artist - the colors are so realistic. And the basing is first-class. Your clients must be very satisfied with your work. Regards, Dean

  3. The metal is Games workshop bolt gun and highlight with GW mithril sliver

  4. God these are superb, I love the detail and colors. These must of taken you some time to get this result.

    I could never go back to painting 28mm figures, they drive me up the wall. After I finished my 10mm Indian army for FOG I have a 6mm Heroics and Ros Grande Armee Austrian project in the pipeline.....

    Keep up the great work

  5. these guys take me about 8 days to do part time it's all about doing things always the same speads things up a lot.