Monday, December 6, 2010

28mm cowboys

When i purchased thes figures i decided that i wanted
lots of town folk to make the town feel more realistic

this fella below is by my 14 year old son he is the second figure that i have taught to paint even though he found it very hard because i really pushed him but man what a result for only his second figure.


still have the basing to do but i'm real happy with the result so far.

finished the horse

 somehow i managed to get this eye to come out like this i slipped on the brush and bang the eye was done just a dot in the middle to finish it and some how both sides came out the same.

heres some of the rest of the boys

I painted up a few over the weekend


  1. looks like you have your plate full :). Your son has made a very good job on his figure. A chip of the old block I think
    Peace James

  2. got quite a crew there, they should look pretty wild running around town. Looking foreward to seeing this

  3. thanks guys i'm looking forward to playing the game

  4. Really nice, and your son's figure looks terrific too!

  5. Cheers thanks for that, its a great feeling sitting down together and painting