Sunday, December 19, 2010

28mm Front rank Austrians guns and wagons based and ready to send

 I got a few moments over the weekend inbetween organising 22 kids to sing at a christmas breakup oh what fun that was. any way what i was about to say was finish and base Regs Austrian 12pdrs and 6pdrs plus two wagons so here's a few pics

 I've been asked by the wife to not do to much this week so looks like i will be doing the hussars at work which will slow me down as i only get half an hour of painting at lunchtime. We will have to see if i can keep to this.


  1. Very impressive results,they look fantastic! I envy you,my painting is stalled now until at least 4th Jan - bhah!
    Have a good one,

  2. Love the wagons - very nice!


  3. thanks guys for the comments , the wagons are going to be used for a gfame where one is gun powder and the other booze you have to chase them down select the wrong one and boom your history

  4. They look great. I was painting some Front Rank 7YW French last night, such great figures and that era uniforms always look great.


  5. They are great figures to paint arn't they makes a painters life a lot easier.

  6. Very nice little dioramas.
    But the Austrian Canons were a little bit more yellow.

  7. Thanks they actually do look a lot more yellow in natural light